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Total Commander 6.54a final

  • Fixed: Disable cm_switchlongnames also when background transfer manager paused and containing files in queue
  • Fixed: Disable cm_switchlongnames while background transfer manager or background copy active
  • Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Unicode names were only sorted correctly when they had identical alternate DOS names
  • Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Allow to continue without UNDO when getting an out of memory error (> about 70'000 files)
  • Fixed: Auto-installer (pluginst.inf): Ask before overwriting key, language and program dir installations
  • Fixed: Avoid crash when trying to unpack invalid .lzh archives
  • Fixed: Self-extracting RAR archive not correctly detected if unpacking header too large (e.g. when using themes)
  • Fixed: Packer plugin interface crashed with extensions longer than 15 characters (they should still be avoided for compatibility reasons)
  • Fixed: F2 (reload file) in lister was no longer working


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