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Modifikation Strike Force V4.1 für Unreal Tournament 2004

New features in V4.1 CE (zur offiziellen Website; Anleitungen und Tipps findet ihr im FAQ)

- New inventory selection, old style inventory that UT:SF players will
- Inventoryboxes to go and make selections from
- Weight system (influences speed of character)
- Default weapon layout for all characters with possibility to save new ones
- New gametype called Capture
- New and reworked sounds
- New radar system for Capture mode
- Eleven new weapons to select
- Flashgrenade
- New hitzones and damage
- New animations for nade throwing
- Sniper bugs fixed
- More recoil added
- New and funny taunt animations
- New design on some interfaces
- Kickvote
- Penetration reworked: Damage reduction depending on wallthickness and
- Speed is no longer depending on weapon in hand
- New sniper scopes (also includes bright fix)
- Throw and pickup weapons
- Dropping weapon when dying
- Switching between primary and secondary weapon with a button
- Knife on own button
- New mapvote, will show a preview of the map now
- New character skins on both sides
- Tracers fixed
- And much more of small and not useless fixes
- Kicking enemys as a secondary knife attack
- A little easteregg you can or will find out by urself
- 4 Capture maps
- 6 new TeamDeathMatch maps
- New chat animation


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