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Patch 1.20 für Battlefield 2142 (für alle Sprachen)


  • Fixed Pod Control Exploit - Players may no longer exploit the assault pods to 'surf' around the maps.
  • Removed the stats category for the PK-74 AR-Rocket: All kills with this weapon are calculated into the statistics for the main assault kit weapon
  • Fixed co-op server crash: Servers will no longer crash when attempting to rotate to co-op mode with players joined into squads
  • Added correct flag for Czech Republic.
  • Fixed PDS-1 sonar system interference with UAV. Soldiers are now shown correctly on UAV when PDS-1 is activated.
  • Change to Heal and Repair Point Awarding: Heal and repair points awarded after a 50% heal / repair instead of 100% heal / repair.
  • Fixed tracking of hours with the medic hub in BFHQ: Medic hub hours shown in BFHQ has been corrected.
  • Fixed Squad leader drone exploit. Removed the possibility to use drones as a stairway to heaven.
  • Fixed the Rorsch crosshair misalignment: The crosshair should now be correctly centered while not zoomed.
  • Change to Out of Bounds Damage: We have changed the out of bounds damage system to immediately kill players after being out of bounds for 15 seconds. Please note that the total time a player can be out of bounds has not changed. This fix will help prevent stat padding exploits.
  • Ranked Server APM setting hard coded: Anti-personelle mines are now always set to "Friendly fire off" on ranked servers. Increases consistency and prevents misunderstanding.
  • Fixed an exploit using the reactor core door: Soldiers can no longer conceal themselves by moving back against the reactor core door.
  • The correct message is now shown when trying to join a full server.
  • Fixed crash when placing Squad Leader Spawn Beacon
  • Added server side option to prevent Titan Movement
  • Added optimization to Titan mode to reduce lag
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