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Patch 2.8.1 für America's Army mit vier neuen Karten und diversen Verbesserungen

- America's Army Version 2.8.0 (Coalition) muss installiert sein -> Download
- Bei Installationsproblemen (fehlende DLL's) hilft der Hotfix-Patch -> Download

New Missions from The Guildhall at SMU

For the first time in our history America's Army has partnered with a University to bring you new content. We are proud to bring you four new Multiplayer Missions built by graduate students from The Guildhall at SMU. (

These new missions were made in conjunction with the America's Army Development Team in Emeryville, California. The students used the Mission Editor that was released with AA v2.8 (Coalition) and utilized existing game assets for their maps.

These new maps include:

SF Old Town
U.S. Infantry conducts a raid within a small, rural village in a tropical location to secure sensitive data. Intelligence reports suggest a terrorist organization is attempting to seize this information currently located in a safe house controlled by allied forces. The U.S. Special Forces team must secure this information and thereby thwart future enemy attacks.

SF Refinery
A terrorist cell has announced its intent to capture a high profile petroleum engineer and thereby disrupt petroleum production and the U.S. Economy. U.S. Special Forces must safeguard the engineer from terrorist action.

SF Flood Gate
Intelligence indicates a gathering terrorist threat to critical hydroelectric facilities. Should terrorist forces capture or destroy these facilities the local indigenous population residing in the low-lying valleys could be threatened or flooded. The U.S. Special Forces team must secure the hydroelectric facilities and prevent the terrorist forces from planting and detonating explosive devices.

River Village
Enemy forces have seized a small rural village adjacent to a seasonal river and are now using it as a base of operation. Intelligence reports suggest the local residents are under duress and have been dispersed throughout the village. U.S. Special Forces Soldiers must enter the village, secure the three objectives and reclaim control of the village, while minimizing damage to the local infrastructure.


The internet ports currently required to be open for America's Army v2.8.1 are listed below:

UDP - 1716, 1717, 1718, 8777, 27900
TCP - 14200, 20025-45, 20046, 20047, 20048, 28910

UDP ports explained:
1716 for the Game,
1717 for the GameQuery,
1718 for the Master Server Query,
8777 for the Standard UT Query, and 27900 for GameSpy.

TCP ports explained:
28910 for GameSpy
20025-45 for MBS Game Server,
20046 for the Auth server,
20047 for MBS, 20048 for DCDS, and 14200 for LAN.

What's Fixed

NOTE: This list only includes bugs present in v2.8 that have been fixed.
Bugs fixed related to new v2.8.1 features and certain security/exploit fixes have been removed from this list.

[Level Editor]
- Fixed a bug that was causing some user created maps to experience problems with players spawning into levels
without weapons
- Fixed a bug that was preventing users from resizing editor dialogs when windows display effects are set to "show contents when dragging and resizing"
- Enabled 2D shape editor

- Fixed a bug that was preventing the tours.ini to cache properly upon starting the client.

- Fixed a bug where players could position themselves in such a way that they were invisible to other players.
The most notable examples of this were in Hospital on the West Wing Roof and on the tables of the 3rd Floor Escort Building.
- Fixed a bug where the carriable objective would fall through terrain if the player carrying it was shot while prone.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed user to get full CEM meter.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed a player to make the snow weather effect disappear in game.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed keybinds to be used to reduce weapon switching time.
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get constant binocular vision.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from loading and firing the Javelin without first dropping the weapon and picking it back up.
- Fix for a bug with the idle auto-kick that was not counting rounds in which an idle player had been shot while standing at spawn.
- Fixed a bug that was allowing players to be damaged by incendiary grenades through walls.
- Fixed a bug that prevented a player from taking damage when an incendiary grenade was thrown straight up into the air where it detonated above the player.
- Fixed a bug where players that shoot an instructor in the MOUT Shoothouse training level were not being sent to Leavenworth.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing admin permanent MAC address bans from working.
- Fixed a bug that caused player to lose the carriable objective if an admin force-classed a weapon.
- Fixed a bug with the Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) training level where prone/unsupported mode is skipped if the player misses the final shot during the prone firing.
- Fixed a bug where players were not being sent to Leavenworth for shooting the instructor on the M24/M82 range.
- Fixed a bug with the death message when an AI soldier is killed by incoming mortar rounds.

- Fixed a broken link in the support section
- Fixed several typographical errors
- Fixed a bug where DCDS content was not being displayed in the downloadable list box when the player is not logged in.
- Fixed a bug where the server browser would sometimes display negative values for ping.
- Fixed a bug where the server hostname is displayed in color even when color codes are disabled in preferences.
- Fixed a bug where the right click menu was displaying server names in color even when color codes are disabled in preferences.

[Map Specific]
- Interdiction: Fixed a bug with one of the random objective spawn locations where the player was unable to pick up the briefcase.
- SF_SnakePlain: Fixed several AI path nodes and a BTR unloading point that was invalid
- SFRecon: Fixed a bug that was causing the OpFor pawns to glow brightly from a distance.

- Add File checksum for D3D9Renderer dll to avoid kicking players for a "GameHook" violation

- Changed server browser functionality to allow players the ability to join Authorized, player created maps through the browser UI.
- Added a console command: SetConsoleWidth to allow for a larger console.
- Enabled auth messaging for Authorized and Explore the Army Server modes to report rounds played and total playtime by user to the auth database. NOTE: Players on ETA servers are not uniquely identified, time played will be used to create aggregate player usage statistics.
- Restored DCDS functionality for queuing, pausing or resuming paused downloads.
- Removed extraneous logging statements from the server log output.
- Added support for the DirectX9 RenderDevice Codepath
- Enhanced tours system to allow for larger amounts of maps within the existing tours framework.
- Changed default number of rounds for idle kick to 2 rounds
- Added a new feature for a server chat log. Note, Admin Say and Admin Message chat is not logged.
- Added support for opening all weapon slots to the Admin Command Post for tournament mode.
- Added support to Tournament mode to allow the ability to disable grenades by grenade type. NOTE: If a player spawns in game with an M203 they will have a round in the chamber but will not be able to reload if M203 grenades are "off".

- Patrolling AI will now react appropriately to dead bodies they discover.
- Fix for NPCs turning into a wall while pursuing enemies
- Fix for NPCs not being able to open doors while pursuing an enemy


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