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Demo zum Weltraumspiel Evochron Renegades (die Vollversion kann auf der offiziellen Website gekauft werden)

System Requirements Minimum
Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Processor: 1.5 Ghz AMD or Intel
Video Card: 64 MB DirectX compatible
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
Internet/Network for multiplayer: 128K DSL

System Requirements Recommended
Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Processor: Intel 2.2 Ghz AMD or Intel
Video Card: 128 MB DirectX compatible
Hard Drive Space: 250 MB
Internet/Network for multiplayer: 512K DSL or LAN **

* May work on some 32 MB 3D video cards, but reliability and performance may suffer. The game was tested on a 1.5 GHz laptop with a 32 MB Radeon 9600 Mobility and the system provided playable performance without reliability problems.

** Recommended for multiplayer sessions with more than a few players.

Evochron Renegades features true freeform gameplay, letting you play the game the way you want to and defining your role in the game's universe through your actions and decisions. With gameplay options far beyond the genre's typical trading and combat, Evochron Renegades lets you perform a variety of activities including racing, spying, exploring, equipment cleaning, clearing shipping paths of asteroids, bribing, hiring crew members, transporting, recovering lost items, fuel harvesting, ship designing, and much more. The game also rewards players who 'think outside the box' by coming up with new ways to advance and survive using the available trade, combat, and exploration options.

Evochron Renegades features a vast seamless universe that lets you fly anywhere without loading screens or choppy environment flipping. Fly from planet to planet, star to star, solar system to solar system seamlessly. You're free to fly where you want, when you want with open space navigation and onboard jump drives. There are no required warp gates or trade lanes to hold you back and restrict your travel. Optional gates are available to simply provide shortcuts for long distance travel.

The game's environment interaction also goes far beyond the genre's typical 'background wallpaper'. Nebula clouds, asteroid fields, atmospheres, stars, moons, caves, and planet rings all provide unique options for shelter and strategy. Such environment effects include changes in gravity, fuel consumption, physics, sensor range, and visibility.

You are in the action with a first person viewpoint, directly controlling your ship, including its weapons and equipment. Instead of only letting you click the mouse a few times just to have the game play itself, Evochron Renegades lets you make all gameplay decisions directly from the cockpit with complete control over where you go, how you fight, and what you do in the game.

For the first time in the series, you can join with other players in cooperative contracts and share the rewards. Players can now join forces to take on far more difficult objectives, including destroying massive capital ships armed with beam weapons, missiles, and particle cannons.


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