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Englische Demo zu Europa Universalis: Rome mit dem Szenario "Der Zweite Punische Krieg"

Setting: The Second Punic War (536-566 AUC)
Playable countries: Rome and Carthage
Story: Rome and Carthage fight it out for mastery of the Western Mediterranean. Some of the greatest commanders of the ancient world will fight for mastery, the Great Hannibal and Publius Cornelius Scipio could be the commander that brings you victory.
-  Play either Rome or Carthage in the war that ushered in a new era. Can you as Rome bring Carthage to its knees and take the first steps to Pax Romana, or as Carthage change the course of history forever and make a new power mistress of the Mediterranean?
-  But this isn't all about Rome and Carthage, all other countries in the Mediterranean are also involved so the full options for diplomacy and intrigue are available. 
-  The great historical leaders are present on the battlefield
-  Manage your trade to supply the sinews of war
-  Watch the loyalty of your nobles or run the risk of defeat due to civil war.


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