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Spieletipps: Erfolge

  1. Top Dog
    50 Achievement
    Top Dog
    Reach Rank 50 after going Elite for the 5th time
  2. To Victory
    40 Achievement
    To Victory
    Win a Season
  3. The Next Level
    25 Achievement
    The Next Level
    Unlock Rank 1 Elite
  4. The Long Road
    25 Achievement
    The Long Road
    Complete a Season
  5. Just Taking Orders
    20 Achievement
    Just Taking Orders
    Complete 50 Missions
  6. Ultimate Sacrifice
    20 Achievement
    Ultimate Sacrifice
    Achieve 3 kills at once inside the King Zone using Core Breach
  7. Strafing Run
    20 Achievement
    Strafing Run
    Achieve 3 consecutive kills without landing at a Cover
  8. Get ALL the Tiers
    20 Achievement
    Get ALL the Tiers
    Reach Tier 5 in all Specializations
  9. Pineapple Surprise
    20 Achievement
    Pineapple Surprise
    Achieve 3 kills at once using a single Grenade
  10. There Can Be Only One
    10 Achievement
    There Can Be Only One
    Win a game of Overlord as the Overlord at the end of the Match
  11. Fatal Fog
    10 Achievement
    Fatal Fog
    Achieve a kill while inside a Smoke-Chaff cloud
  12. Clutch
    10 Achievement
    Win a round of Tactics after being the only player left on your team
  13. Specialist Tier
    10 Achievement
    Specialist Tier
    Reach Tier 5 in a single Specialization
  14. Snappy Dresser
    10 Achievement
    Snappy Dresser
    Equip a different helmet for your character
  15. Master at Arms
    10 Achievement
    Master at Arms
    Unlock a weapon from each category
  16. Collateral Damage
    10 Achievement
    Collateral Damage
    Achieve 2 kills with a single shotgun blast
  17. Cool Story Bro
    10 Achievement
    Cool Story Bro
    Get executed by an enemy Preyon while using Taunt
  18. Return to Sender
    10 Achievement
    Return to Sender
    Squad Hack a Preyon to kill its original owner
  19. Half Way There
    10 Achievement
    Half Way There
    Reach Rank 25
  20. Rock n' Roll
    10 Achievement
    Rock n' Roll
    Achieve 50 total kills with your Stalker
  21. Lock n' Load
    10 Achievement
    Lock n' Load
    Achieve 50 total kills with your Warbringer
  22. Slice n' Dice
    10 Achievement
    Slice n' Dice
    Achieve 50 total kills with your Preyon
  23. Mission Accomplished
    10 Achievement
    Mission Accomplished
    Complete a Mission
  24. Power House
    10 Achievement
    Power House
    Achieve 15 kills in a single Match
  25. Basic Training
    10 Achievement
    Basic Training
    Complete the Tutorial

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