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8-Bit Armies: Guardians-Kampagne als Download-Erweiterung verfügbar

8-Bit Armies (Strategie) von Petroglyph / Soedesco
8-Bit Armies (Strategie) von Petroglyph / Soedesco - Bildquelle: Petroglyph / Soedesco
Nach der kostenlosen Veröffentlichung der Guardians-Fraktion (vergleich mit der Bruderschaft von Nod aus C&C) für den Skirmish-Modus und die Multiplayer-Gefechte in 8-Bit Armies hat Entwickler Petroglyph die Einzelspieler-Kampagne zur neuen Fraktion als Download-Erweiterung für 3,99 Euro bereitgestellt. Die Guardians-Kampagne umfasst 15 Missionen und bietet drei Schwierigkeitsgrade (Easy, Medium und Hard). Durch das Sammeln von Sternen und durch Stufenaufstiege sollen im Laufe des Feldzugs dann neue Strategien möglich werden - vergleichbar mit der Renegades-Kampagne.

Auch das elfte Update ist verfügbar:
  • Support for Guardians Campaign
  • 8-Bit Armies: Audio / Event Notifications: Added individual 'player eliminated' callouts for the 10 player colors

  • Some Map publishing issues fixed
  • Remove 'tank' from the Spectre Tank name
  • Fix for not being able to fire upon an enemy when at least one unit didn't care about the min-range check (client-side mouse cursor action logic)
  • Updating defeat video to fix issue where it wasn't displaying
  • Added min-damage attribute to fix issue with APC crushing
  • Changed all armor types for destroyable civilian objects to 'structure' to fix issue with objects sometimes getting passed through instead of crushed
  • Changed old skirmish achievements to require playing as faction 1 now that there are faction 2 versions of those achievements
  • Volumed down the Scorch Tank movement loops a bit, since really loud in large groups
  • Fixed the Heavy tank not appearing the the selection tray
  • Adjusted push settings of Spectre, APC and Heavy Tank to help with issues where units could not push through other units
  • Reduced stealth detection range of turrets for both factions by 30%
  • Heavy Tank weapon is no longer AOE (unintentional)
  • Fix for stealth tanks stopping patrol when taking damage (usually from environment, like lava)
  • Adjusted Scorch Tank weapon to fix issue where close-up units standing in the flames weren't taking damage
  • Added GUI SFX acknowledgements for issuing board/unboard transport commands – much better than silence
  • Added GUI movement SFX for issuing harvester movement to refinery and resource commands
  • Added missing AoE attribute for use on APC's crusher effect
  • Added icon for stealth revealed
  • Custom maps will now have players start with 1200 resources; also, graying out the vertex spacing option for the custom editor
  • Progress bar added to publish action in terrain editor
  • Increasing delay between playing no power audio from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Added audio and event notification support for picking up a 'mission crate' in the campaign
  • AI won't send anti-air drones after aircraft that are still under construction

  • Heavy Tank: Main cannon weapon is no longer AoE (this was an unintended effect)
  • Spectre Tank: Name changed to just 'Spectre' since it's not REALLY a tank,
  • Spectre Tank: Changed weapon to fire two shots in a volley instead of one single shot. This resulted in a very minor change to DPS (a loss of about 2%)
  • Spectre Tank: Reduced health by 10%
  • Grenade Infantry: Increased AoE radius of grenade by 50% and increased damage vs. structures by 25%
  • Scorch Tank: Adjusted weapon to fix issue where close-up units standing in the flames weren't taking damage
  • Rocket Car: Build cost reduced to 80 (was 100)
  • Heavy Drone: Health increased by 10%

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