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Entwickler: Proper Games
Publisher: Capcom
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Test: Flock!
Test: Flock!
Test: Flock!
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Flock: Kühe, Schweine, Schafe und Ufos

Capcom hat zwei Videos zum jüngst angekündigten (Physik)Puzzle-Spiel Flock für PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade und PC veröffentlicht:

Stream: E3-Trailer 2008 (1:41 Min.)
Stream: E3-Spielszenen (1:04 Min.) 

In Flock!, players take control of a UFO that has been given the challenge of herding farm animals to its mothership through a variety of puzzle-filled interactive levels, including corn fields, pastures and other "plushie"-like environments. In order to succeed, players will have to manage the quirkiness of the animal's distinct behaviors, as well as solve a series of environmental puzzles using Flock's! physics-based gameplay. The animals that populate these islands - sheep, chickens, pigs, cows and more - respond to the UFO in all kinds of eccentric ways based on their nature. By finding or creating a passable route across a level, players can herd the animals safely toward their ship. Solving the puzzles within the suggested time limit yields exciting rewards, but players can also take their time in order to find more hidden bonuses. With a unique theme, clever humor and easy pick-up-and-play controls, Flock! promises to be an instant hit with gamers of all ages!


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