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Arma 3 - Am Wochenende kostenlos spielbar

Arma 3 (Simulation) von Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3 (Simulation) von Bohemia Interactive - Bildquelle: Bohemia Interactive
Die Militärsimulation Arma 3 ist schon jetzt und über das Wochenende kostenlos auf Steam spielbar, wie Bohemia Interactive mitgeteilt hat. Zusätzlich werden dort sowohl das Spiel als auch fast alle Download-Inhalte zu einem gesenkten Preis angeboten. Bohemia schlägt für die kommenden Tage folgenden Schlachtplan vor:

"All units

Clear your schedule for the weekend + stock up on food and drinks + (semi-)optional: give flowers to your significant other

If you're new to Arma 3

- Install Arma 3 (and tell your friends to do the same)
- Join a multiplayer server and have no idea what you're doing
- Become familiar with Arma 3 by playing the "Bootcamp Prologue" singleplayer campaign
- Check out the Virtual Arsenal/Garage and play around in the Scenario Editor
- Get the game at 66% off (and consider joining/starting an Arma 3 Unit[] for the ultimate experience)

If you're an existing Arma 3 player

- Spread the word and invite your friends (via social media, pigeon messenger, town crier)
- Join a multiplayer server, and go (tactical) Rambo on all the newcomers
- Light up a victory cigar
- Take a few rookies under your wing (share your Arma knowledge, recruit them to your community group, etc.)
- Eat, brush teeth, sleep - then repeat steps 1-5

If you're none of the above

- This option is currently not available
- Performing systems check...
- "Free Weekend" detected
- Please install Arma 3 to continue

Jokes aside, we wish you and your friends a wonderful (free) weekend. Have fun playing the game!"

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