Destiny: Update 2.0 veröffentlicht - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Science Fiction-Shooter
Entwickler: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Test: Destiny
Vorschau: Destiny
Test: Destiny
Test: Destiny
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Destiny: Update 2.0 veröffentlicht

Destiny (Shooter) von Activision
Destiny (Shooter) von Activision - Bildquelle: Activision
Bungie hat das große Update 2.0 für Destiny veröffentlicht - als Vorbereitung auf die anstehende Erweiterung König der Besessenen (15. September). Der besagte Patch hebt die Stufengrenze des Charakters auf 34 an (in König der Besessenen auf Stufe 40), verbessert das Quest-Menü, nimmt diverse Änderungen an Charakteren, Waffen sowie Fähigkeiten vor. Zudem dürfen alle Spieler die neuen PvP-Inhalte, die mit König der Besessenen hinzukommen werden, bis zum 14. September ausprobieren - hierzu gehören die beiden Spielmodi Rift und Mayhem. Es folgt ein Auszug aus den Patch-Notizen:

Player Character
  • Character Level Cap raised to 34 for all players
    • Your Character Level will be grandfathered into your highest possible Light Level from all gear in your inventory and vault 
    • Character Level Cap will be increased to 40 on 9/15 (requires The Taken King)
  • Character Level and Light are now separate stats
    • Light is now calculated by the average of the Attack and Defense scores of all your gear
    • Weapons, Ghosts, Class Items, and Artifacts now all contribute to Light
    • Grimoire Score has been moved from the Character Nameplate and now displays in the Character Screen
  • Attack Power values on weapons and gear have been renormalized in preparation for the Taken King
    • Year 1 Attack and Defense values caps have been renormalized for Year 2 (previously 365 Attack is now 170 Attack) 
    • All Defense values are now on the same scale as Attack
    • Weapon damage numbers and combatants have been scaled against renormalized Attack and Defense values
  • Outgoing and Incoming damage has been changed to reflect new Light system
    • Ability Damage is directly computed from your Light Score
    • Player Health is directly computed from your Light Score
    • Weapon Damage is heavily weighted by both your Light score and the Attack value of the weapon

  • General
    • Intellect, Strength, and Discipline now only change their effect in fixed tiers
    • Intellect, Strength, and Discipline stats now display their tier and the exact duration of the effect on the tooltip in the Character Screen
    • Orb generation is now capped to a maximum of 8 orbs at once when wearing exotic armor items that increase orb spawning rates
    • Increased Recovery stat time at low end by 1 second and Reduced high end reduced timer by 2 seconds.  These were re-normalized Recovery stat effects to make a more compelling character stats choice
    • Pulse Grenades secondary effect distance are now globally 8 meters (Thermal and Void: 7 -> 8 meters, Arc: 9 -> 8 meters).  Detonation distance still unchanged at 7 meters
    • Pulse Grenade fuse times have been reduced
    • Thermal Pulse (Incendiary Grenade) base detonation and damage have been increased to unify stats with other Pulse Grenades
    • Fixed an issue where perks that grant additional super energy for grenade kills did not work correctly in the Crucible


We have revisted all of these Year One stat perks and reduced the amount they buff your weapon stat to re-normalize against Year Two weapon lethality and reinforce specialization so players are making meaningful trade-offs on weapons. To compensate for the weaker stat perks from launch weapons, we added some new stat perks (introduced in House of Wolves) that provided a significant increase to a stat in exchange for a reduction in other stats. This allows players to be able to spike a stat that reinforces their specialized play style, but at a cost.


  • Year 1 Activities have been converted into Quest system
    • Year One Questlines do not require ownership of The Taken King
    • You can replay the story for more experience and reputation by looking at the Quest Collections in the Tower
  • The Ghost is now voiced by Nolan North
  • Fallen Wolf Hunt Patrols will retreat in anticipation of the arrival of Oryx in our solar system
  • Fixed an issue where "Medic" and "Blast Shield" PVP medals displayed while playing PVE activities 
  • Players now are required to participate in the boss fights to be eligible for end-of-activity loot.
  • Bonus Loot and Reputation can now be earned via Vanguard Streak Bonuses for players who continue to recycle back into the Strike playlist without exiting to Orbit
  • Burn (Arc, Void, Solar) Skulls now only increases player damage by 2x (down from 3x). Combatant damage to player is unchanged at 3x.
  • Fixed an issue where the incident for completing a strike (i.e., earning the "Strikes Introduction" grimoire card) was not triggering in Strike playlists
Prison of Elders
  • Fixed an issue where the “Servitor Bonds Weakened” buff did not clear when Skolas is pushed into phase 2 
  • Fixed an issue where the web mine FX extended beyond effect area 
  • Fixed an issue where the rewards for Skolas’s Revenge does not grant "Hildian Seeker" to players who already have Ceres Galliot 
  • Glimmer Consumable drop rates reduced drastically from the Arena chest
  • Removed the Elder Cipher exotic bounty 
    • These exotics now have a chance to drop from the large chest in the Queen’s Arena
    • Players who were on any step of the elder cipher should receive a token to redeem at Variks for their choice of House of Wolves exotic weapon
King's Fall
King's Fall Raid will unlock on 09/18/15, 10AM Pacific Quests
  • Quest Screen added to Menu
    • The Quest Screen allows you to view all active Quests
    • Quests may be abandoned, but they are recoverable at Abandoned Quest Archives at the Tower
    • Each Quest has a Details Screen that describes the current and previous quest steps
    • Up to four Quests can now be viewed in the Director and while in Nav Mode 
  • Year One Activities have been converted into Quest system
  • New Questlines have been added for each Year One Subclass
  • Reputation panel has been moved from the Inventory screen to the Quest Screen
  • Bounty slot size increased to 16
  • Incomplete Year 1 Bounties are auto-abandoned on 09/08 in preparation for The Taken King launch
  • Incomplete Year 1 Exotic Bounties are auto-completed at their respective Vendors
  • Bounties are now turned in for completion reward via the Quest Screen
  • Bounties can now be tracked via the new Progress UI in NavMode
  • Eris Year 1 bounties will be retired. Reputation with Crota's Bane can continue to be earned via TTK Quests on 09/15

  • Class-specific Armor materials have been deprecated in favor of a unified material
    • On Sept 15th, Vanguard Quartermaster Roni-9940 will exchange old materials for new ones
  • Fixed a bug where item upgrade UI was triggering when nothing was actually earned
  • Armor dismantle now makes a sound when dismantling is complete
  • Year Two Weapon Telemetries have now been combined per weapon slot instead of per weapon type

Preview Event
  • The Taken King maps will be available for all players to preview for free 09/08 until 09/15
  • Rift game mode will be available for all players to preview for free 09/08 until 09/15
  • Crucible Daily will not be available on 09/08 and will resume on 09/15
  • Mayhem Clash game mode will be available for all players to preview for free from 09/11 until 09/15

  • House of Wolves maps (Widow’s Court, Black Shield, Thieves’ Den) are now available to all Destiny players
  • Year 1 Platform-exclusive maps (The Timekeeper, Exodus Blue) are now available to all Destiny players
  • Added a new Mercy rule that will end blowout games early
    • When the Mercy Rule hits, Shaxx will call out the end of the match. We immediately disable join in progress to prevent any additional players from joining the game (if anyone has dropped already) and reset the game clock to 10 seconds. After those 10 seconds, the match will end normally. All players will receive their end of match rewards and return to matchmaking.
    • More detail about this system can be found here
  • Legendary Loot drop rates have been increased
  • PVP post-game scoreboards now use abbreviated names
    • Hover over these stat headers to see more detailed information on what each stat tracks
  • The PGCR now does not display the "Score" column if the mode does not have individual player scores
  • Shaxx will now comment on multi-kills and kill streaks
  • "Victory Imminent" voice-over will no longer play when there is less than 30 seconds remaining in Crucible matches

Game Types
  • Reduced Salvage score limit from 10000 to 7500, as our data showed too many games were ending to the time limit
  • Modified the base 3v3 options to have a 7-second min respawn timer
  • Modified the base 3v3 options to have a 7-second min respawn timer
  • Changed special ammo crate timing for Inferno Clash, Inferno Control and Inferno Rumble modes to 2 minutes (small team modes will remain at 3 minutes)
  • Removed heavy ammo crates from all Inferno playlists
  • Placing in the top 3 in Rumble playlists now counts as a win for Quest Step purposes
  • Bastion, First Light, and Skyshock have been added to the core Control playlist with Pikes and Interceptors disabled
  • "Zone Captured" and "Zone Neutralized" scoring messages in Control will now display the zone being captured, i.e. "Zone A Captured," "Zone C Neutralized"
Trials of Osiris
  • Trials Passage Coins are now discarded by the stack rather than by the item

  • Super icons in kill messages are now displayed in yellow
  • Added icons to kill messages for precision kills
  • Super kill messages now display the name of the Super used
  • Voice channel settings in Nav Mode have been moved into the Nav Mode toggle display, which also includes quests & bounties, active modifiers, and PvP Scoreboard
  •  General
    • Cinematics can now be skipped
    • Show/Hide Helmet options now also applies to the Character Screen
    • Unused update compat packs will be removed automatically on PS3 and 360 (to save HDD space)
    • Fixed a crash on PS3 when cycling through too many activities
    • Properly report free space required on PS3 when out of disk space
    • Enabled support for game content to be loaded from USB devices on Xbox 360
    • Improved Xbox One messaging and flow handling for users performing certain party options; the Pineapple error should only occur for actual malfunctions now
    • Fixed an Xbox One issue with suspend/resume on certain loading screens
    • If there is a valid playlist, use that for rich presence instead of the activity
    • Reduced latency of kill notifications in Crucible
    • Improved damage validation systems to reduce the effectiveness of players with extreme lag
    • Improved accuracy of network quality meters slightly

Quelle: Bungie
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Flextastic schrieb am
hab heute morgen auch gleich reingeschaut, gefällt mir bisher gut (das gesehene).
heute abend dann mal das neue balancing testen.
JCD schrieb am
klasse, wirklich. habe ebend nur mal kurz reingeschaut und der erste eindruck (optisch) war super. einige details wurden verändert das menü ist übersichtlicher und detailierter geworden.
das lichtlevel system muss ich noch genauer unter die lupe nehmen aber ich finde es gut, es gibt wieder mehr zu tun. Armreifen und co haben nun auch einen wert, selbst die geister welche man nun kaufen kann. das alles macht das ganze level system und werte balancieren viel interessanter.
hatte zwei exo bountys offen und bekam zweimal die Dorn :) klasse. wollt ich immer schon haben XD
also der patch bringt wirklich so einiges mit sich aber bei einem mmo normal das es mit der zeit besser wird. wenn auch manche sagen es ist ein mini mmo ... wie auch immer, ist es meiner Meinung nach immer noch ein spiel was es einfach geben musste und es macht spaß. sicherlich, hast du alles erreicht, bleibt dann meist der pvp, endgame ista ber was, mit dem alle spiele dieser art zu tun haben und das irgendwie hinbekommen müssen. ich bin zuversichtlich und ich habe längst nicht alles erreicht in dem spiel .
Luthanos hat geschrieben:PC Version? :(
na ich hoffe nicht, jedenfalls nicht so früh. weiß auch nicht ob sich das gut machen würde. Zuviel konkurenz denke ich auch mal. destiny passt zu den Konsolen wie die faust aufs auge und das meine ich positiv.
selbst das es kein trading gibt finde ich eigentlich gut. klar wäre es auf eienr art toll aber es würde das ganze spielprinzip über den haufen werfen. jetzt freust du dich wirklich wenn eine waffe dropt die du immer schon haben wolltest.
schrieb am