Entwickler: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Atari
Test: Demigod

Leserwertung: 87% [3]

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Demigod: Demo-Pläne und neue Halbgötter

Hätte Demigod beim April-Start in den USA nicht unter so massiven Verbindungsproblemen gelitten, die zuerst gelöst werden mussten und es mittlerweile größtenteils auch sind, hätten die Entwickler bereits eine Demo veröffentlicht. Solch eine Probierversion ist weiterhin in Planung, soll aber erst erscheinen, wenn die "Connectivity" kugelsicher ist. Darüber hinaus sind zwei weitere Demigods (spielbare Halbgötter) in Entwicklung bei Gas Powered Games. Weitere Details sollen demnächst folgen...

Q: When will more Demigods be released?

A: 2 Demigods are in development. I will have a better idea later this week when I meet with GPG on that.

Q: What about modding?

A: We have discussed this issue with GPG and I can't make promises on this but I can tell you that what we would like to allow is for people to mod AI players (LUA) and then submit them online and let them compete to see how they do. This would encourage good AI modding. We would also like to support mod support in Demigod proper where the Pantheon would support players downloading officially "blessed" mods and be able to play them in game.  I don't have any ETA on this yet.

Q: What about a demo?

A: We'd probably already have a demo out if we hadn't been messing with this.  But yes, there will be a demo.  In all likelyhood, it will probably be a multiplayer only demo since we want to reassure people when the demo comes out that connectivity is totally nailed and bullet proof.  This is different than our original plan which would have been a single player only demo with 2 demigods and 1 map. So we're still thinking about how to do this in a way that has the most benefit to us and potential customers.

Q: How are Demigod's sales?

A: They're considerably better than Galactic Civilizations II's but slightly less than Sins of a Solar Empire at the same time.  However, there are a lot of variables. Besides the online MP debacle, you have an April release versus a February release, you have a MP-centric game versus a SP-centric game (The most players I've ever seen online with Sins is around 500 whereas right now, mid afternoon on a Monday there's 2065 players playing online). You also have the review difference: Sins has a review average of 88. Demigod's average is 78 (still pretty good). If you took out the first week reviews the average jumps to 84. Overall though, it looks like Demigod will hit 100,000 units sold before the official European release.



fatal06 schrieb am
Hoffentlich kriegen sie die Connectivity schnell gefixt damit die neuen Demigötter kommen <3
Eine gute Idee wäre es zudem die Favoritems für alle zugänglich zu machen, ganz ohne Favorpoints.
roman2 schrieb am
KI Spieler in LUA, klingt grossartig. War schon immer ein Fan der "AI programming games", oder wie auch immer man das Genre jetzt nenne mag :)
Das ganze mal in einem Vollpreistitel auszuprobieren ist schon verlockend.
schrieb am