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Microsoft Flight - Anmeldung zum Beta-Test

Microsoft Flight (Simulation) von Microsoft
Microsoft Flight (Simulation) von Microsoft - Bildquelle: Microsoft
Mit "Microsoft Flight" versucht Microsoft den altbekannten "Flight Simulator" neues Leben einzuhauen - u.a. mit Social-Gaming-Elementen und breiteren Zugangsmöglichkeiten (Anfänger bis Profis). An dem Flugsimulator interessierte Spieler können sich nun für den Beta-Test anmelden, der im Januar 2012 starten soll. Eine Windows Live ID ist dafür erforderlich und zudem muss man sich "Microsoft Connect" registrieren.

"We will be sorting through your applications over the coming month and will get back to qualifying participants with additional details throughout our beta phases in January. As we taxi for takeoff, we will continue to provide intriguing updates about the future of Microsoft Flight so please keep checking in on our website or on our Facebook Fan Page. "

What is "Microsoft Flight?"
"Microsoft Flight" is a new PC game from Microsoft Game Studios. The new title will be available on the Games for Windows - LIVE service and will bring a new perspective to the long-standing "Flight Simulator" franchise. From new game play elements and enhanced scenery and terrain to new aircraft and integrated content marketplace, it is an entirely new breed of virtual flight. The Games for Windows - LIVE platform sets the stage for all your virtual flight needs while connecting you to a global base of users, content and endless exploration. Microsoft Flight builds off its heritage of deep, immersive simulation and is redesigned to make the experience easier for virtual fliers of all interests and skills.

How does "Microsoft Flight" differ from "Flight Simulator?" Why the new name? What's changed?
With "Microsoft Flight" we're approaching the virtual flight genre from the ground up, with the focus on the universal appeal of the experience of Flight. We believe the simplicity of "Microsoft Flight" perfectly captures that vision while welcoming the millions of existing Flight Simulator fans. The new "Microsoft Flight" retains the full fidelity simulation longtime fans have come to expect while offering all players a whole new look and feel, a wide range of new game play and challenges, persistent experiences and social connectivity.

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Die Bilder schauen ja schon geil aus, bin hoffentlich dabei ;)
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An dem Genre fehlt es an "Tod, Leid und Verderben"
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