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Winamp - Version 2.77 ist da!

Eine neue Version 2.77 des beliebten MP3-Players Winamp ist erschienen und enthält an die 20 Änderungen. So hat Entwickler Nullsoft z.B. ein aktualisiertes MOD- und Midi-PlugIn hinzugefügt. Die komplette Liste der Änderungen findet Ihr unter weiterlesen. Die drei Download-Versionen:

Download Winamp 2.77 Lite (515 KB)
Download Winamp 2.77 Standard (976 KB)
Download Winamp 2.77 Full (1,66 MB)

Winamp 2.77 - die Änderungen:

  • Mb.ini skin support (Winamp/MBOpen).

  • Added page and slider for ´shuffle morph rate´ to

  • Preferences so you can control how much the playlist morphs (mutates)
    each time it cycles through.

  • PP´s ACM disk writer output plug-in instead of the classic one.

  • PP´s WAV/VOC reader (Which is apparently so much better, but we will see).

  • Included new in_midi and in_mod (yay).

  • Made playlist editor automatically size down when necessary (on startup).

  • Made drag&drop playlist URLs work.

  • Made alt delete work again in playlist editor.

  • Made winamp.exe and winampa.exe both much less likely to fudge HKCR/.

  • Fixed drag&drop in vis areas.

  • Made Winamp handle language packs that lack strings and/or dialogs

  • Made physical file remover ask you for every file, to prevent disasters.

  • Fixed issues with using a large number of input plug-ins and extensions
    in open box (I think).

  • Fixed a small "bug" in the id3 editor of in_mp3.

  • Fixed the frame count bug in id3 editor of in_mp3.

  • Made general purpose plug-in uninstall capability.

  • New hyper-leet desktop icon on new installs of full version.

  • Removed Mjuice support from full version.

  • Tinyvis 2001 v2.04.

  • AVS includes experimental fullscreen overlay mode.
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