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LFS S2 Games Convention Video

Stayx aus unserer Live for Speed Community hat alle bisher online gestellten Amateur Aufnahmen von der Games Convention zu einem vierminütigem Video zusammengeschnitten. Außerdem hat Vykos im offiziellen LFS Forum einen kurzen Bericht über die ersten zwei Tage der Games Convention veröffentlicht.

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GC - the first two days!

OK, I will try to do some little "diary" of the last crazy two days here in Leipzig at the Games Convention:

We arrived already on wednesday afternoon and set everything up, to be ready on the launchday thursday. Went to bed late, cause Limiter and me just did some final skinning stuff and got up at 7 in the morning, shower, getting ready.
At 9 we arrived at the booth everything was working fine, the 2 P4 3.8GHz with X600 ATI gfx-cards in it, really work nicely , but we had crappy f*cking Saitekwheels. Never saw such chep crap. Well, ok, it had to serve us.

Then, the first visitors came, and they were all like: "You know Live For speed?" "Need for Speed? Yeah" No, LIVE for Speed" " Ah, no"... well... then they tried the first lap... hit the wall in first turn, and where like "WOW, I HAVE to brake and really steer." After three laps, they wanted more and more and more. (We already have "fans" that come back during the day and next day too, that havent heard of LFS b4!!). With us at the site, GP4FLO was around and made great job!

And then: Stayx arrived with Robsen. And then he saw this damage... MUHARHARHARHAR! That look inhis face, was just unforgettable! Thanx to him, for taking pics and putting vids online. we just cant, cause we are working whole day.

Work looks like: We help the people into LFS, explain some things, give away some giveaways (shirts, CDs with S1 on it - locked -, keychains etc.). And the problem is the soundlevel. You nearly always have to scream...:/ Anyway, all those "n00bs" loved LFS. They loved the look, and especially They LOVED the feel of it (even with crap saitek). Ah, just to mention, we wear some crazy suits from our sponsor (who pays all the place there etc. Thanx again), which are black, and our booth is under like 10 or more lights... So we sweat like hell...

So thursday went by, with great resonance and some fun, when we were reading your answers in the threads...
After the GC closed, we went to the railstation, to catch up our buddies VecTreX and BiKES (I mean, who mad can you be, to travel from hungary to Leipzig???). We had some Pizza, and then searched the hotel of our buddies. Sounds easy, turned out to a nice roundtrip through Leipzig...

Finally got there, and then we showed BiKES - who might have been the only one in this community, who havent heard of damage - how it looks like... and I got a pic of his face! Cant upload till monday, but that is worth it...

On the way back to Limiters and mine sleepingplace, we caught up our other ocrana buddies, and made a "drive by" in a Gas station, to pick up some beers... It got late then...

Today, clock rang early in the morning, we had to drive to GC, and then I had to catch up BiKES and VecTreX at their hotel (damn traffic jams). When they were at the booth, they enjoyed some laps, and then the visitors came, and again hundreds of n00bs loved the game. They really saw, they can really drive. And the audience is in an age range from 10 to 50 years old. JoeC00L filmed a LOT and is btw one really really niiice guy. The whole day was full of LFS S2, girls and people loving THE game. Ah, and just forgot: Being at such an expostion and working here, has some good sideeffects: We decided: WE NEED BETTER wheels. So I went to Logitech and said: "Hey guys, we have two raceframes there with saitek wheels, and the wheels suck.!" and he answers me: "Right, here you got a momo racing force and a formula force GP (was the last momo racing)".. Well, so we have decent input devices now..

OK, after the fair closed, we had some nice racing and beer, till I write that now. And we met some nice people: Some Driver from german "polo Cup" is here, and he tried the game for first time, and was amazed. He already loves it, and he says: the weightshifts and all is really really close to reality. He just loves it.

OK, now we think of some late evening beer and some sitting together, or we go to one of the parties here in the town...

Cya guys, and enjoy it!

Vykos and Limiter




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