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Patch G9

Kommen wir nun zu unserer täglichen Patch News... Der Test Patch G9 reduziert die Wahrscheinlichkeit von OOS Fehlern erneut und verhindert, dass Spieler auf einem Server "festsetzen". Falls ihr dennoch einen OOS Fehler bekommen solltet, bitte einen Screenshot der Meldungen machen und ihn im offiziellen Forum posten.

Test Patch G9
Dedicated Server G9


Hello racers! Good bye OOS! Good bye "Stuck on Host"

TEST Patch G8 proved to be very reliable! However there was still a way to get an OOS, related to disconnections, usually at a race restart. That bug is reproduced, fixed and tested, and the result is in this new patch G9. There should be a LOT less OOS kicks now. Please note : if you use G9 and join a G8 host, you can still get an OOS kick if that situation comes up. So it's a good idea to choose the G9 hosts. G8 guests may also still get OOS even on a G9 host. Is that confusing? To be clear : the fix is for G9 guests on G9 hosts - they won't get OOS kicked.

Also it is possible sometimes for a host to end up in a bad state, and some S1 racers to be "stuck" on the host. There is special protection built in now that the host should detect this bad state and auto-restart itself.

If you are still "stuck" on a G8 host, post here and i can remove that host from the master server.

What are all these test patches all about? For the most reliable multiplayer system we've ever seen in LFS. All these changes make it into S2...

Good Luck!


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