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Test Patch H3

Gestern abend hat Scawen den neuen Test Patch H3 veröffentlicht. Dieser Patch behebt drei kleinere Bugs und ist vollständig kompatibel zu den vorherigen Patches, die Installation ist daher optional. Außerdem wird Scawen diese Woche Reifentemperaturen und Reifenverschleiß fertigstellen, die Arbeit an S2 geht also gut voran.

Patch H3 Download

Behobene Bugs:
- Kein Flackern von Objekten (z.B. Ampeln in South City)
- Keine "Schließe Verbindung"-Meldung
- Seltener Mulitplayer Bug behoben


You'll be pleased to know the tyre temperature and wear system is coming along this week.

Anyway... sometimes i take a diversion and fix some bugs. And sometimes the fixes can be copied into the S1 version.

So here's a totally optional TEST patch H3 - it's totally compatible with patch H.

NOTE : Patch G or H must be already installed.

Changes (see below for full description)

FIX : Flickering objects (e.g. traffic lights at SO Long)
FIX : Closing X connects (when leaving multiplayer section)
FIX : The rare "flickering from side to side" multiplayer bug

Changes in PATCH H3

1) Sometimes, some objects could flicker rapidly on and off. An example
was at South City Long, before turning right at the corner after the
hairpin, a traffic light on the right would flicker on and off.

This patch reprocesses the draw lists when loading a track, and should
eliminate most cases of objects that vanish for a moment.

2) When exiting from the multiplayer section soon after getting a list
of games, sometimes you would be forced to wait for several seconds
while watching a message "Closing X connects".

This patch asks windows to terminate the connects immediately, so in
most cases you should not see this message again.

Changes in PATCH H2

1) Sometimes, you can receive corrupted UDP packets. In some cases this
could cause a rare bug where your own car would start flickering from
one side of the track to the other for a while.

This patch contains a few lines of extra code in an attempt to stop this
happening. When the bug would have come up, LFS displays a message in
red : "Corrupted UDP Packet".


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