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Entwickler: Killhouse Games
Publisher: Killhouse Games
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Test: Door Kickers

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Door Kickers: Finale Version ab sofort erhältlich

Door Kickers (Strategie) von Killhouse Games
Door Kickers (Strategie) von Killhouse Games - Bildquelle: Killhouse Games
Door Kickers ist ab sofort erhältlich. Das geben die Macher von Killhouse Games auf ihrem Blog bekannt. Die Mischung aus Taktik und Action startete vor 1,5 Jahren auf Kickstarter und entwickelte sich in den letzten zwölf Monaten im Early Access von Steam weiter.

Die finale Version beinhaltet drei Kampagnen, führt Mehrspieler-Gefechte ein und bietet mit Dope Raid ein weiteres Szenario. In Zukunft wollen die Entwickler außerdem für weiteren Nachschub an Inhalten sorgen.

Das Spiel ist für 18,99 Euro bei Steam erhältlich. Welche Änderungen und Verbesserungen die finale Version zu bieten hat, verrät folgendes Changelog:

New Features:
- Random killhouse generator + over 90 new random house layouts.
- Over 50 new maps (in campaign, single and random combined).
- New door types: grating doors / padlocked doors.
- New item: Bolt Cutter. Useful for cutting down padlocks.
- New item: Breaching Kit
- Silenced handguns. You asked for them, you got them.
- Can copy/paste/default equipment for each class.
- Improved loading time.
- Enemies start with their weapons lowered, until alerted.
- New music.
- Loading screens with tips&tricks. Can be disabled in options menu.
- Improved path-editing when multiple paths are over-imposed: press SHIFT for locking on a single path.
- Added stretch-to-fit video option (for monitors that are not 16:9).
- Separate volume option for for ambient sounds.
- Improved weapon/trooper stats to better account for their performances.
- Added “reset progress” option.
- Countless other small changes, tweaks and overall improvements.

- Fixed items showing up randomly on random maps. Really.
- Fixed uppercase letters not working on OSX.
- Fixed wall shadows showing up in editor.
- Global statistics are no longer incremented when watching replays.
- Fixed stars not adding after finishing new maps.
- A bug where troopers could go through doors without opening them.
- Right-click menus outside of screen bounds.
- Tazer sometimes not shooting.
- Sniper now kills all enemy types with one shot.
- Sometimes exporting replays to video without sound.
- Ambient sounds playing at full volume no matter of you location in the map.
- Troopers stuck with playing the “use hidden camera” animation all the time.
- Grenade trajectory looking OK but grenade hitting wall.
- Sounds sometimes getting cut while in a very busy scene.
- Removed single plan / single trooper challenges from maps where it couldn’t be done.
- Breaching/opening doors when behind walls.

Modding / Structure changes:
- FOV can be modified per weapon/item.
- Challenges are now configurable for each map.
- Can publish new maps to Steam Workshop directly from the editor.
- Equipment.xml is now split into 4 different xmls (items, pistols, rifles, shotguns).
- Can now update mods if you have more than 50 published mods (special dedication to RedPanda for giving us extra work to do).
- Can now modify/add new portraits (data/config/user_list.xml can be modified/added to by using filesystem_mount.xml).

Letztes aktuelles Video: Alpha Developer Commentary Trailer


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geniales game definitiv empfehlenswert. gleich mal 3h am stück drin verbracht danach mit mods nochmals ne stunde, genial, morgen gleich nochmals.
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