Lego Worlds: Viertes Update für den Early-Access-Sandkasten - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: TT Games
Test: Lego Worlds
Test: Lego Worlds
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Test: Lego Worlds
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Lego Worlds
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Lego Worlds: Viertes Update für den Early-Access-Sandkasten

Lego Worlds (Simulation) von Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Lego Worlds (Simulation) von Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment - Bildquelle: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Für die Early-Access-Version von LEGO Worlds steht das vierte Update zum Download bereit. Die Entwickler wollen allerlei Absturzursachen und Bugs aus der Welt geschafft, Kamera-Probleme behoben und die Performance bei der Oberflächen-Erstellung verbessert haben. Ansonsten arbeiten TT Games und Traveller's Tales weiter an einem Online-Multiplayer-Modus und sammeln Vorschläge für den LEGO-Sandkasten in diesem Thread.

Change-Log 0.5.1:
  • Performance improvements to terrain generation speeds
  • Fix for Saves being wiped when updating from specific game versions
  • Various crash fixes
  • Various camera fixes
  • Fixed a hang related to water placement
  • Resolved several ability button conflicts for character abilities
  • Fixed an issue that caused duplication of camera interface
  • Prompt text will no longer appear in screenshots
  • Resolved an issue where all colour options would pop when selecting a transparent brick colour
  • When in split-screen both players are able to make discoveries simultaneously
  • Resolved an issue where the customiser roll-out would close if a 2nd player entered a separate tool
  • Resolved an issue where player health would randomly reset when at water surface levels
  • Resolved a problem with raise/lower tool options for mouse and keyboard control schemes
  • Fixed a collision issue with Polar bears
  • Players are no longer catapulted into the air if driving into water from great heights
  • Drillex now operates smoothly when drilling upwards
  • Fixed a conflict in the customiser that caused hair to be removed when equipping capes
  • Resolved an issue that prevented placement of player exported models
  • Fixed a collision issue relating to certain player animations
  • Items that have targeting options can now be put away
  • Fixed various button overlaps when using controllers
  • Resolved an issue that prevented creature interactions when using certain control schemes
  • Fixed a bad interaction between bouncy props and interactable props
  • Moving a brick with the controller will no longer delete bricks located beneath the movement space
  • Players / NPC's can no longer mount creatures at the same time

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Lego Worlds
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