Flying Tigers: Shadows over China: Die neuen Inhalte im Video -

Publisher: Ace Maddox
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Flying Tigers: Shadows over China: Die neuen Inhalte im Video

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China (Simulation) von Ace Maddox
Flying Tigers: Shadows over China (Simulation) von Ace Maddox - Bildquelle: Ace Maddox
Die Kriegssimulation Flying Tigers: Shadows over China befindet sich momentan in der Early-Access-Phase auf Steam. Im folgenden Video geben die Entwickler von Ace Maddox einen Überblick über die neuen Inhalte des Updates. Diese lauten wie folgt:

New cockpits and "wide" interior camera. Hop inside the P-40E, Buffalo Mk. I, Lysander Mk.II or the Japanese Ki-43 fighter! If you're playing on keyboard and/or mouse, just press the V key to check out the recently added cockpit "wide" camera. And, there's also a refurbished bombing system in place for when you're in cockpit mode.

Voice actors exhausted as Campaign nears competion. Development of FTSOC's historical single player campaign is almost completed. We've updated some of the older voices, while actors have been working around the clock to get the reaminder of the Campaign mission's dialogue properly spoken. Try the updated Campaign!

Controller Vibration. For those of you who prefers to play with a gamepad, be it on ARCADE or PITCH/ROLL setting, there's now controller rumble for increased "immersion". 

Improved rendering. Shadows and reflections look sharper and are more stable now, especially noticeable when you're seated inside.

Toggle HUD elements on the fly. Press the H key while flying to control display of the various HUD elements, handy feature when recording video or FRAPSing screenshots.

Ship models. We've updated most of the game's warship models, plus add a typical Southeast Asian wooden cargo ship, namely the Bedar (which, icidentally does not look entirely urelated to a Chinese junk).

New Challenges. We've added two more mini-missions in the form of challenges, so go ahead and take that dusty old Vildebeest for a bit of tinfish-safari off the Akyab coast in the new TORPEDOGS challenge, or try out the bombs and machien guns of the Allied P-43A fighter in GROUND ATTACK.

Added Japanese fighter. Last but not least, we've implemented a captured P-40E fighters, bombs inclued, to spice up the multiplayer cockpit-dogfighting.

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