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Publisher: Activision
Test: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Test: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Test: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
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ET: Quake Wars - Patch v1.5 in Entwicklung

Die Antwort auf die Frage "Wo bleibt eigentlich Patch 1.5?" hat Entwickler Splash Damage im Blog auf der offiziellen Website gegeben. Aufgrund einiger (nicht näher bezeichneter) Lizenzstreitigkeiten mit Publisher Activision wird der nächste Patch nur von Splash Damage entwickelt - weder das Lokalisierungsteam noch die Qualitätssicherung von Activision werden mit in die Patch-Produktion einbezogen. Um dennoch die Qualität des Updates zu sichern, plant Splash Damage einen öffentlichen Beta-Test, der noch im April starten soll...

First off, 1.5 is not an official Activision release like all the previous updates (this is actually the cause of the license troubles from a few weeks back), but instead something that we here at Splash Damage are funding ourselves and working on alongside our new project. As Activision's QA and localization departments are not available to help us out, we instead opted for an extended public beta phase to iron out any remaining kinks. The result is that things don't always move as quickly as we'd like them to, but we are committed to getting 1.5 finished and out to you.

I can confirm that 1.5 is on our development schedule for this month and we hope to get it all wrapped up and ready for public consumption. We'll still have to test it internally, but we hope to release the game update, the updated SDK, and the final version of the Official Competition Mod in the coming weeks so you guys will have plenty of new material to sink your teeth into.

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
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