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Test: Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

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Red Orchestra - neuer Patch

Ein neuer Patch für Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 ist über Steam veröffentlicht worden. Sobald ihr Steam erneut startet, wird der Patch automatisch runtergeladen.

Red Orchestra

  • Added the Friendly Fire Punishment options to the webadmin and in game server configuration menus
  • Added the Death Message Mode settings to the webadmin and in game configuration menus
  • Added the ability to see players SteamId in game. Type the command "ListPlayers" to get the list
  • Fixed a bug where webadmin would stop responding and the server's ping would show as "?" in the server browser
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by two maps being loaded into memory at the same time
  • Fixed a recoil bug affecting both bolt action rifles and semi automatic rifles
  • Fixed a bug where TK banning was not working properly
  • Updated Linux server with improved stability
  • Fixed an exploit where players could have both no motion blur and no alternate blackout effect


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