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UT Infiltration: Version 2.86

Version 2.86 des Unreal Tournament-Mods Infiltrationsteht heute zum Download bereit. Wir haben für Euch die Vollversion und zwei Mappacks; allerdings müsst Ihr eine Vollversion von Unreal Tournament besitzen, um dieses Mod online oder offline zu spielen. Auf der nächsten Seite findet Ihr die Informationen zum Update in Englisch...

Download UT Infiltration 2.86 (71,3 MB)
Download Infiltration Mappack 3 (100 MB)
Download Infiltration Mappack Full (157 MB)

Features von Version 2.86

  • New FA MAS G2 assault rifle

  • Introducing a jogging speed. Your run key will toggle between a walk and jog, while holding it down will sprint, and thus reduce accuracy to a near worthless state. :)

  • Introducing player attachments. As of 2.86, it´ll be limited to weapons slung on the player´s shoulder when applicable. This will be expanded in the future to include a wide variety of visual eye candy for your player. (As well as other applications)

  • Improved Bot AI

  • Bots supporting you will mimic your movements by kneeling when you kneel, or going prone when you go prone.

  • Bots being attacked who can´t find cover will go prone and try to engage their attacker.

  • Bot friendly fire has been drastically reduced.

  • Bot teammates can now keep up with you and support you directly as a team.

  • Other miscellaneous bot AI enhancements

  • New Scoreboard added to emphasize team play

  • More statistical in nature. Individual kills have been removed.
    Weapon accuracy, number of deaths, and team kills all help build an overall score.

  • A teamwork bonus % is included to help promote teamwork.

  • A few character animation enhancements, including support for the FN P90.

  • Leaning works 100% online, including damage detection while leaning.

  • The transition between prone and standing each has a unique animation, which doesn´t occur immediately. (No more "prone hopping") Diving prone is still available, though at a cost to stamina

  • New collision detection for prone allows for taking realistic damage at the body, legs, and head.

  • Stepping on a prone enemy will no longer kill you.

  • Your point of view is thrown off based on the caliber of damage received.

  • Falling from a high area will cause you to drop your weapon.

  • M2 .50 turret weapons now require you to press the USE key to activate.

  • Swimming in general has been upgraded, including swimming speed and accuracy.

  • Accuracy while jumping / falling has been drastically reduced.

  • Ballistics system has been redone to enhance realism and accuracy at different speeds.

  • Accuracy at different speeds overall has been enhanced greatly.

  • Introducing player inertia. This prevents instant changes of direction while sprinting, as well as a necessary distance to stop from a full sprint. (Watch those edges!)

  • The menu has gone through a variety of enhancements, readjustments, and general clean up. New menu features include:

  • Optional Radar (server side only online)

  • Empty shell casing and magazine time delay (client side only online)

  • Option to disable dodging returned for those who don´t want to double-tap forward or backward to go prone.

  • No Auto Collision detection option for those who don´t want to automatically kneel or go prone on slanted surfaces.

  • Version number and title font enlarged, as well as a few other key fonts.

  • Hinzu kommen noch einige Bugfixes. Mehr Info findet Ihr bei PlanetUnreal oder bald wieder bei unserer Hosted Site UT City.


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