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Patch 1.5.2 für die europäischen Versionen von Might & Magic Heroes VI (auch für die deutsche Fassung)

Hinweis: Der Patch wird normalerweise mit der Auto-Update-Funktion runtergeladen. Version 1.5.1 muss installiert sein.

  • Offline / Online saves compatibility first implementation:
    • Currently only the progress of unlocking the campaign maps gets synchronized.
    • Only progress that has been achieved while playing online will get synchronized. Campaign progress unlocked in offline mode is not synchronized. Progress that has been achieved while being offline is only available on that specific machine.
    • The progress will only be synchronized if it has been achieved with a default (online) hero. Progress that has been made with heroes whose affinity has been switched (e.g. from blood to tears) or with custom heroes will not be synchronized.
    • The progress of heroes (reputation/skill/level) within a campaign will not be saved/synchronized.
  • Pirates Of the Savage Sea Adventure Pack -  Crater Isle map:
    • No dialogue is triggered after Jon is defeated, the user should see a dialogue in witch Jon tells Crag Hack that he is his son
    • There are too many stacks of Fire Elementals, and to many units per stack in the tunnels leading to the Thunder Peak, making this part very hard and the user has to return to the town very often
    • In the cinematic after defeating the Thunder bird, Crag Hack is shown on foot and not on his horse.
    • The user does not receive the achievement "The seas run red" after defeating all the neutral armies on the first map of the campaign.
  • Pirates Of the Savage Sea Adventure Pack -  Pirate Sea map:
    • The dialogue triggering the bonus reputation quest appears at the beginning of the second map if the hero has made a reputation upgrade in the first map of the campaign
  • Artifacts:
    • Pendant of Conflux - Inconsistency between the tooltip and the behavior for the Pendant of Conflux artifact
    • The "Bracers of the Druid" artifact tooltips are incorrect.
    • The "Gauntlets of the Khan" artifact's second ability (+1 to friendly creatures might damage) doesn't work
    • The Cloaks that increase magic defense by 10 for each magic school don't work
    • The "Frozen Chrysanthemum" Artifact doesn't work
    • The "Boots of the Waverider" does not grant "1 creature movement on sea"
    • The "Winterwind Peace Circlet" Artifact doesn't work
    • The "Flamegold Shield" artifact does not award fire resistance.
    • The "Pendant of Mastery" does not award a bonus to the racial gauge as stated in its description.
    • The "Shantiri Armor" does not grant magic defense against the Prime magic school even though it is stated to do so.
  • Units:
    • The growth for the "Harpy" unit is 7 instead of 8
    • The growth is 11 instead of 12 for the Demented.
    • The growth is 8 instead of 9 for the Maniac.
    • The Maximum melee damage of the "Fury" unit is 8 instead of 9
    • Vampire Lord weekly growth reduced to 6 units instead of 5
    • The Skeletal Spearman unit has the maximum ranged damage 7 instead of 6
  • Abilities / Spells:
    • The chilled effect provided by the "Eternal Winter" ability is increased by 1 instead of 2
    • The "Toughness I" ability does not increase the maximum health of the hero's units by 5%.
    • The "Toughness II" ability does not increase the maximum health of the hero's units by 4%.
    • The "Toughness III" ability does not increase the maximum health of the hero's units by 5%.
    • The "Mentoring" ability gives a 75% increase in experience instead of 50%
    • The "Arcane Exaltation III" spell gives 4 points instead of 5
    • Lich's dark embrace passive ability has been buffed to 30% instead of being reduced to 15%
    • The "Blizzard" spell has a 2 turns duration instead of 3
    • The "Fire Ball" spell has an Area of effect of 3x3 instead of 4x4
    • The "Chain Lightning" spell has a cost of 65 mana instead of 50
  • Others:
    • Tree Of Plenty - The player placed on the first slot starts with the Main Hero on the central island.


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