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Patch für die internationalen Versionen (auch die deutsche Variante) von Battle of Britain 2 auf v2.04.

(all previous updates are included in the 2.03 update)

How to install:
Download and run the zipped EXE. BOB2 v2.04 is designed to update all previous versions to v2.04. If you experience any issues after applying this update, we recommend a clean install (CONTROL PANEL - UNINSTALL Battle of Britain II, re-install from CD, and then run the 2.04 update).

What is in 2.04?
1. New Features
2. Stability
3. Performance Improvements
4. Fixes


1. BF110 engine performance problem.
2. After burner speed up problem for Bombers.
3. Landing gear down problem, on Low Level Attack Mission.
4. Player engine sound stopping
5. Fixed CTD on Campaign photo
6. Fighter bailout changes to increase bailouts. Note: BOB_FIGHTERFIX=ON in BDG.txt
7. AI smoothing and fixing strange/odd maneuvers. Added transition maneuver to SimpleACM and ManualACM processes.
8. BF110 engine going out of sync when going to Manual-AutoPilot-Manual.
9. Strengthened mid-air collision between player and AI A/C so it is much more difficult for the player to fly back to base.
10. Death Warp/Speed up fixed.
11. After player bail out, players A/C now heads to the ground rather that looking like it was on autopilot.
12. Prevented AI A/C from doing vertical maneuvers when energy level is low and the AI A/C cannot do the maneuver properly.
13. Add an option based on a random number for a fighter/Ju87 to blowup when it has significant engine damage (by user request to have A/C blow up sometimes). Note: BOB_FIGHTERFIX=ON in Bdg.txt.
14. The Ju87 was added to the fighters and with significant engine damage they will either blowup, crash, or bailout. The bailout will only occur if the A/C canopy has not been damaged. If the canopy is damaged the A/C will crash and you hear a Texas death yell. Note: BOB_FIGHTERFIX=ON in BDG.txt.
15. Changed the RAF player's A/C to display MPH on the info line by user request.
16. Deleted Rolling fire ball effect from A/C explosions.
17. Fixed the Novice JU87 takeoff problem (crashed or tipped over)
18. Fixed Novice Wheel Rolling problem (except tail wheel)
19. Converted to MPH from Knots for imperial units in Spit and Hurri gauge
20. Fixed Airspeed Cal for both Spit and Hurri
21. Boost Gauge in both Hurri and Spit to work more correctly
22. Fixed a second CTD when using Photo in Campaign
23. Add RenderD3D9.cpp CTD prevention code.
24. Fixed CTD in JimCol.cpp that occurred mostly in Replay
25. Fixed the 1-on-1 "Engage" problem
26. Fixed Fileman CTD (note may not be the last one)
27. Fixed "lost device" CTD (I called the rerun CTD)
28. Fixed the jittery and un-natural movements for both the DISENGAGE and the SCREWYOUGUYSIAMGOINGHOME SimpleACM maneuvers.
29. Blue Six developed changes for the ACM file to permit easier landing for the 109 (not sure if included or used change required)
30. For the BGG.txt paramenter SMOOTHEN_FRAMERATE_MODE, fixed the NONE vs LIMITED bug so they are different now (NONE is wide open FPS and LIMITED is a hard limit of about 32 FPS).
31. Fixed a buffet sound bug if you fail to get your gear up before you reach 140mph on take-off. You will then get the gear buffet noise as you should, but then once the gear is up the buffet sound does not go away. It should go way once the gear is fully retracted assuming it's still fully functional and not damaged.
32. Fixed the A/C sitting on the ground at a stop but having a pogo stick effect (small bounce up and down). The pogo effect could be seen if you reduce the gear bounce in the ACM file.
33. Reduced collision detection on trees to allow closer over-flights w/o causing a collision.
34. Autocanopy fix.
35. ObjectAdds would often appear damaged, although they had not been bombed. This is not only wrong but also reduced fps. As the fix was a late addition and a 100% test not possible as the error has been non-reproducable we made the fix switchable via a bdg-text-variable "FIX_OBJECTADDS", so that we are on the safe side.
36. Engine more resistant to background application processes (ALT-TAB work)
37. Memory and file handle leaks fixed.
38. A statically allocated string was dynamically freed.
39. 2.04 as previous versions has been compile by version 6 of Microsoft's Visual C++ Compiler. However we made "test compiles" with the newest version (8) and looked at all new warnings it generated and fixed all the critical ones. This includes a runtime one.
40. Apart from the fixes mentioned above, a lot of code was written to make BoB more robust: Added missing End-function, even more array range checking, additional pointer tests, debug code (to notice/find bugs), fix bad loop exit (one off), wrong use of array new, ignoring certain exceptions, add assertions, add a time out value, better checks for some invalid userchangable values, add/improve error messages, more debugoutput during startup etc


(A New feature for our Kids/Novice users is Novice AI, Novice Bullets, Novice AI Speed control, and Novice larger targets that are used with Novice FM). These features are all individually selectable in the BDG.txt and should allow our kids/grandkids to better enjoy BobII at a Novice/Jr level.

(* means feature is user changeable via the bdg.txt)

New AI features

1. Novice_Stronger_Bullits. The bullets are about 20% stronger for those who want to get on with it (like when I test) and so our Kids/Novice users can shoot down the AI easier and have more fun until seasoned.*
2. Novice_AI_Airspeed_Fraction. This will control the AI speed as a fraction of 100% (like set to .75 for a 25% speed reduction). You can then slow down the AI for our Kids/Novice users to better enjoy BOBII until seasoned.*
3. Novice_Target_Size. This increase the AI target size for the Kids/Novice users so they can get easier kills.*
4. Novice_AI. This give the Kids/Novice user a less aggressive but hopefully challenging subset of the AI Maneuvres so our they can better enjoy BobII, it will be easier, and they can have more fun until seasoned.*
5. Collision_Avoidance. Added collision avoidance for player (only) to prevent most collisions with AI A/C. Very fast collisions (especially headon) may still occur as AI A/C may skid in making very quick maneuver and not get out of the way.*
6. Warp/Jump analysis/debug (Jump_Test_Tool_Percent_X)*
7. Maneuvre_Testing (Maneuvre_Testing). This will permit the coder to get data for debug analysis concerning AI and FM issues/problems.*
8. New aircraft explosions to simulate the occasional occurrence of an exploding fuel tank or detonating bombs
9. New damaged aircraft / engine behavior
..........a. Lighter engine damage. The bomber leaves formation and heads home. Keep hitting his engine to increase damage.
..........b. Heaver engine damage then. The crew bails, bomber blows up, or crashes (crew killed by smoke (equal chance here).


1. New tracer and tracersmoke effects for .303 and German 20mm cannon (bomber defensive guns currently use same tracer effect as the .303 - if we want different colors, let me know specifically the colors we should use)
2. AAA and Flak guns now have new effects flash and gunsmoke effects (AAA have tracer smoke too)
3. New fire and smoke effects (3 stages) implemented on the He111 and Ju88 (will be further improved after an additional code change due soon)
4. New fuel burst effect used for ground-based fuel tanks including ground-based aircraft when strafed
5. Large, black towering smoke for ammo dump explosions (should be FPS friendly too)
6. Smoking / burning debris for critical hits on large ground targets
7. All vehicles can now be damaged and destroyed
8. Enhanced battlefield damage dynamic smoke, fire, and charged ground effects
9. New bullet hitting brick buildings effect
10. New aircraft explosion effects (works with the new mid-air fuel tank / bomb detonation explosions)
11. 5 New player aircraft bullet-hit sounds and adjusted sound when other targets are hit with guns
12. Flak explosion sounds improved quality with a 33% increase in sound travel
13. New aircraft and battlefield gun sounds
14. People run from populated ground objects when attacked
15. Brighton Pier added with LOD's (level's of detail). The far tiles actually have the pier in the terrain tiles. There is a gap between the point where this far tile texture disappears and the actual object appears. This cannot be helped due to the maximum allowed distance to draw objects. (Tim Evenden, support work by Scott gentile and Ben Evenden)


1. Cures the flying cliffs on the Isle of Wight (HH)
2. Mapping the Pas de Calais region of France (DB, Heini, HH, especially PV!)
3. The Cerne Abbas giant and Maiden castle in Dorset (HH)
4. Removes animals from all Fighter Command airfields (HH)
5. Harbour to Folkestone (PV)
6. Removes flashes of sea in several places (HH)
7. Raise FPS slightly and improve looks at Tangmere, Kenley and Biggin Hill (HH)
8. Puts Stonehenge in it's proper place (HH, PV)
9. Improved the North of England,with some of Derbyshire mapped (HH)
10. Stop roads going over woods at several places near Kenley airfield (HH)
11. Northern France. New SRTM height data added from Coquelles to just South of Boulogne (PV)
12. Rebuilt Dover. Area around Dover was corrupted, so tile could not be worked on (PV)
13. East Kent. New SRTM height data added (HH)
14. Corrected RDF stations locations and changed CHL to be CHL stations, and CH to be CH stations (HH)
15. Kenley Hangers rotated correctly (HH)
16. Layout of CH stations modified to be more histori (HH)
17. Objects added for Boulogne harbour (HH)
18. Improved water textures (fresnel) and settings

Artwork / Content credits: HH: Hurricane Hicken, PV: Pete Vincent, DB: Don E. Brooke, Heini von Seppel


1. We optimised framerate, for example by reducing the number of so called "state changes" during rendering of the 3D scene.
2. At the same time as 2.04 we will ship a "quick.dat editor" which is one tool needed for mission editing. This made a new file format necessary in 2,04, which supports strings to be in the user changable mission file and not the boblang.dll
3. New selectable weather, water, and sky*
4. Thanks to Ken, added new ACM file to improve the control of the slats
5. BF109_Slats_Open_Close_Sounds. It controls the simulated sound of the 109 slats opening and closing*
6. Flight Modeling tweaks to various aircraft, including less gear bounce for the Spitfire.
7. Improved Particle System, for example time based trail color
8. Misc minor stuff like for example Removing obsolete bdg.txt settings.

Known Issues
1. Triangles at the top of screen for a few seconds
2. Lines at certain angles in the clouds
3. Water texture for a second where land was before
4. Improper crash with death screen on certain tiles
5. Crash on runway (several kinds). Note: workaround rename the objectAdds folder
6. Smoke puffs that sometimes are found hanging in the air


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