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The Color of Doom ist eine Modifikation für Half-Life 2, in der ihr fiese Roboter mit einer speziellen Farbe bekämpfen müsst (offizielle Website)

Finalist der Schüler- und Studentenprojekte beim Independent Games Festival 2009

Team: Overscope
Theme: Robots
Genre: 3rd-Person-Action/Adventure
Engine: Half-Life 2

With swarms of deadly robots ready to destroy Dangeropolis, the Jester readies to save the world with his amazing color-switching superpowers! This fast-action third-person shooter is a tribute to classic arcade games like Contra and Smash TV, but with a hook: switch colors to go on the offensive or defensive! Blue hurts (and is hurt by) blue, while red damages (and is hurt by) red. Run and jump with expertise to explore the robot factory's mysterious inner workings and eventually destroy its very core! And always keep an eye out for a better gun!

A team of 16 students created The Color of Doom over five months as a full conversion of Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Overscope is: Scott Huot, Quinn DelHoyo, Amos Hodge, John Morris, James Ketcham, Hemanshu Chhabra, David Nam, Robert Gee, Jordan Hirsh, Jeff Johnson, Keith Blackstone, Tanya Short, Stephen Khor, Marisa Garza

The Color of Doom is an exciting, humorous experience shooting hordes of enemies! It is a single player mod for Half-Life 2 that brings the excitement of a 3d action-platformer to a tongue-in-cheek superhero setting.

Blast through a super-villain's evil robot lair, filled with aggressive red and blue robotic minions intent on your destruction. Only by using your color-switching gadgetry can you hope to survive the crazed contraptions left behind in Doctor Violet's factory.


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