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Patch 1.6 für Keepsake (für alle internationalen Versionen)

This patch upgrades the game to version 1.6. Certainly noteworthy is that there now is a single universal patch that applies to all localized versions of the game, so that players no longer have to look for their own language version patch. This patch 1.6 also contains all previous released patches.

The v1.6 patch contains the following upgrades:

- Patch is now unified for all languages
- Uninstalling will no longer erase saved games
- Several Zak overlap problems fixed
- Walkthrough cheat with observatory fixed
- Added the mountain bottle world map when inside the mountain bottle
- World map crashing problems fixed
- ESC Key will now display the save & quit menu
- Added Advanced Options to disable EAX or sounds (for users experiencing crashes or a variety of issues)
- Crashes related to various text problems are now fixed
- Crashes at the laboratory are now fixed (French version)
- Install folder should now be located correctly (French version)


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