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Entwickler: Live for Speed
Publisher: Live for Speed
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Here is the english translation of the ATI.Ocrana Games Convention S2 special. You can download the original PDF here.

Since long ago, the racing community has separated into two groups: on one hand, you have the arcade racers who want to have fast and funny action - on the other hand, you have the people who turn to racing simulations where they want to experience pure racing realism.

LFS (Live For Speed) does away with this once and for all. LFS is fun for exactly this reason: it is realistic and you can play it as you like. No matter, whether you want to do a five round quick race or a 1.5 hour race, you can always find the right servers with fellow racers. There are racing teams, drift club, drag racers and auto cross drivers and, last but not least, there even is something for the rally cross lovers. The variety of the game is more than amazing and can certainly be considered one of the big strengths of LFS.

The history of Live For Speed

Live For Speed is a racing simulation and people have been talking about LFS for more than two years now. Having been developed by three very enthusiastic coders only, LFS managed to gather a fantastic community. The developers’ concept definitely is as unique as effective: during the time of development, LFS will be tested thoroughly by the community. For this reason, the final release (LFS S3) will contain many interesting features and will not have any bugs. How is that possible? First, you have to know that the developers decided to bring LFS to market without a publisher. This has many advantages: without a publisher, you are your own boss, without a publisher, you are not bound to any deadlines, without a publisher, nobody can tell you how the product should look, feel and play, without a publisher, there is nobody who wants to make a fast profit with your software. The developer team’s goal has always been to create the best racing simulation on the market and support it completely, even after the release of S3. In August 2002, they released a demo version for everybody to play and it spread over the internet like a wildfire. Race Sim Central (RSC) saw the big potential of LFS and set up the official LFS forum on their community portal ( The developers were very thankful for the offer, because RSC has a user database of more than 50,000 racing freaks. The LFS forum has been growing ever since and the servers have been filling with racing enthusiasts. From this moment on, there has been growing a great relationship and co-operation between the developers and the community. Bugs have been posted in an especially set up forum and removed in regularly appearing patches by the developers. That’s not all: the developers are constantly adding new features and improvements to the game, which are proposed by the community in the "Improvement Suggestions” forum. This way, the community has been jollied along and could actually see LFS grow. Version after version appeared and finally there was the demo version 0.2 which had improvements in car physics for the first time. Soon after that, the developers released a plan which said that the final release will be divided into three parts. With this measure, the impatient community could be "soothed” with new cars and tracks. This means that the developers already had success with their work and could concentrate on the further development of the game without worries. The community approved this plan very much and the waiting for LFS S1 began. S1 is more than one year old now and we are about to see the release of LFS S2, the second stage on the way to the final product (S3).

LFS world

The website has been developing along with the game and it is larger than it appears to be at a first glance. On LFS world, every driver can see his detailed statistics which update automatically when he goes online. You can see driven kilometres, best times, a win ratio, pole positions, won races and much more and you can easily compare with other drivers. The master server is always connected to the database. This means: if you do a new personal minimum time on an online server, LFS recognizes that the time saved in the database differs to your new better time and displays a message "Racer X has done a new personal minium time”. On the console, you can obtain more information about LFS world with a few commands. Here is an example. If you enter the command "/ws so4 M wr”, LFS world will you the world record with the car MRT5 on the track South City Long.
LFS world is an excellent source of information if you want to find out details about other drivers with a certain car on a certain track. This is especially useful if you are racing in a league and your next race comes up. You can even request a server list from LFS world and see who is driving where and you can even directly join the host. If you don’t want to join the race, you can watch the race from the outside via "LiveHost” and see the drivers’ positions and round times.
Victor van Vlaardingen is the mastermind behind the website and he will continue to maintain and develop the online presence of LFS world in the future and you can look forward to the next thing he’ll cross out on his to do list.



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