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Patch für rFactor von Version 1250 auf v1255

The rFactor 1255 patch (build D) was created to address some online security issues, add additional overall stability, and match the new retail DVD version recently released in Europe. The update consists of:

rFactor Dedicated.exe
Updated Sounds

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to reactivate rFactor if you upgrade to v1255. Before you do this, locate your original confirmation email. Make sure you can locate your Activation Number, Order Number and email address used. If you need a new confirmation email sent out to you, visit TryMedia.

First move the original files into a \Backup directory. Unzip the contents of the update ensuring you replace all files. Once you run the new version of rFactor, it will ask you to Buy/Unlock. Follow the Already Paid link at the lower right of the first purchase screen, using the Activation Number and email address from the confirmation email.

If you need to have your email changed or your activations reset, please send a request to purchase at rFactor net.


Q: Can I play online with people who have the retail DVD.
A: Yes, so long as you have upgraded to v1255.

Q: While this update work if I have v1150 or below?
A: No, this update will only work on v1250.

Q: Is there a full install for v1255.
A: There is a retail DVD version of 1255 and a digital version will be made available in the future.

Q: I updated to an earlier 1255, do I need to update to the final D build?
A: Yes, update to the D build. No re-activation will be required.

Known Issues

Problem: Increased loading time
Cause: Updated TryMedia software
Solution: Limit number of cars installed


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