Plague Inc: Evolved: Multiplayer-Update verstärkt die Heilmittel-Forschung -

Publisher: Ndemic Creations
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Vorschau: Plague Inc: Evolved
Vorschau: Plague Inc: Evolved

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Plague Inc: Evolved - Multiplayer-Update verstärkt die Heilmittel-Forschung

Plague Inc: Evolved (Strategie) von Ndemic Creations
Plague Inc: Evolved (Strategie) von Ndemic Creations - Bildquelle: Ndemic Creations
Für Plague Inc: Evolved ist ein weiteres Multiplayer-Update veröffentlicht worden. Das Early-Access-Update mit dem Titel "The Cure Strikes Back" soll dafür sorgen, dass die Entwicklung eines Heilmittels wieder eine größere Bedrohung darstellen soll, vor allem wenn mehrere Krankheiten aktiv sind. Aber auch an der Ausbalancierung haben die Entwickler einige Verbesserungen vorgenommen. Die kooperative Spielvariante befindet sich weiterhin in Entwicklung und wenn alles nach Plan läuft, soll Plague Inc: Evolved noch "Anfang 2016" die Early-Access-Phase verlassen.

Main features:
  • Cure Focus to multiplayer - if one disease is particularly concerning, then humans will switch over some research labs from the other disease to increase the cure research for the worst disease
  • Rich countries get even more concerned by diseases that are killing lots of people in other countries
Balance tweaks:
  • Minor adjustments to starting DNA in various counties
  • Reduced population density in china slightly
  • Slightly increased severity of some symptoms: Gastric Ulceration, Acute Encephalitis, Meningitis, Internal Haemorrhaging, Fever, Dysentery
  • Slight increase to cost of Rodent Transmission and slight reduction to infectivity increase
  • Slight increase to impact of genetic hardening at both levels
  • Increased cost of Unscheduled Flight trait by 1 DNA
  • Humans may set up Global Research Hubs (government action)
Other changes and bug fixes:
  • Wins / losses not added to stats if you play a private friends match (but you can still unlock things)
  • Added tooltips for chat box
  • Genetic exposure devolve bug fixed
  • Fix to 'black square' issue that some people were reporting

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