Revenge of the Titans: Großer Patch - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Entwickler: Puppygames
Publisher: Puppygames
Test: Revenge of the Titans
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Revenge of the Titans: Großer Patch

Einen mittelgroßen Umbau spendiert Puppy Games jetzt Revenge of the Titans in Form eines neuen Updates.

In der jüngsten Version (1.80) spielt sich das Tower Defense-Spiel weniger mikro-lastig als zuvor, was vor allem daran liegt, dass Türme nun von Haus aus automatisch Munition nachladen und Raffinerien eigenständig und ohne Zusatzgebäude Geld generieren können. Das manuelle Nachladen bzw. Einsammeln per Mausklick ist jedoch nach wie vor möglich. Eine weitere zentrale Neuerung: Das Forschen kostet neuerdings nichts mehr; auch können nun 20 weitere Objekte freigeschaltet werden.

Neben diversen Verbesserungen des Interfaces hat Puppy Games auch das Balancing von Revenge of the Titans ordentlich umgebaut.

Wer das Spiel direkt bei den Entwicklern geholt hat, kann hier die neueste Version herunterladen. Käufer des zweiten Humble Indie Bundles finden v1.80 auf ihrer persönlichen Download-Seite.

Die Patchnotes:

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed: Supershield collect has no sound effect
  • Fixed: survival mode boss crash at 5m00s
  • Fixed: Specify LWJGL library path to fix OpenAL problems
  • Fixed: Titans getting stuck on the map so the level doesnt end

New Features and Enhancements

  • Removed strobe from disruptor tower
  • Lasers fire through crystals and obstacles
  • Allow specifiying alternative player data location: use home=<dir> on commandline (pathnames with spaces will need quotes around them too)
  • Preferences now shadowed to slot.xml file inside game home to allow easily moving game between machines
  • Refineries now automatically generate money at a constant rate and no longer need collecting
  • Turrets now automatically reload
  • Smaller building size for reloader
  • Research is now free
  • Map size selector on survival mode
  • Survival hiscores now across all slots, and show the slot name with the highest score
  • New collector building (smaller)
  • New reprocessor building (smaller)
  • Wraiths and flying gids now get harder with difficulty
  • Counters on mines, barricades, and powerups panel
  • New building - tangleweb!
  • 20 more things to research!
  • Any remaining powerups on the ground at the end of the level are automatically collected for you


  • Crystal scavenging now only 20% of remaining crystal value
  • Research no longer contributes to game difficulty
  • Reduced capacitor ammo slightly from 2seconds to 1.5seconds zap time - enough for wraiths but not so good for gidlets
  • Disruptor damage now 48, up from 36
  • Laser damage doubled, sweep reduced by 2 degrees
  • Buffed droid blaster damage to 2pts
  • Increased droid fire rate
  • Capacitors now cost $1000
  • Droid factories now fixed cost of $1000
  • Collectors now cost $250
  • Reloaders (were Autoloaders) now cost $250 and have a more pronounced effect on most of the heavier weapons
  • Cooling towers now cost $500
  • Scanners now cost $1000
  • Reprocessors now a fixed cost of $500
  • Speed up the rush a little
  • Slowed down the Behemoth a bit (and flying gids in general) during the rush
  • Survival mode difficulty now no longer influenced by available buildings / research etc
  • Tuned survival difficulty to maximum of up to $50000 in play based on world
  • Bezerk mode used to double weapon damage - now reverted to normal weapon damage as it made their use against bosses simply too efficacious
  • Bosses now have less hitpoints
  • Reduced turret ammunition a little
  • Batteries now give a little more ammo than before
  • More crystals, to pay for more expensive turret upgrades
  • Various permabuffs now contribute 0.5 generally to the upgrade
  • Difficulty is now open ended, and gidrah hitpoints and speed effectively now infinite
  • More money in survival mode to start with - plus more money per world
  • Rockets now take a little longer to reload


  • Dont let gidrahs roar more than once per second
  • A tiny bit more variation in gidrah roars
  • Gidrahs now ever so slightly cleverer at avoiding turrets
  • Gidrahs now only slowly begin to ignore danger after level shuts down
  • Gidrah speed now expressed in pixels/second instead of ticks/tile
  • Gidrahs stuck in the map somehow now have GRID_BUG attributed to their cause of death
  • No longer do angry gidrahs drop powerups when they successfully attack (and die)
  • Further improved gidrah AI and anti-clumping behaviour
  • Saved game dir now lowercased and spaces replaced with underscores to make shell twiddling a bit easier
  • Refactored a bunch of configurable things like building costs research data so it only needs changing in one place. Finally.
  • Survival mode spawn points now only 1/3rd as likely to come from the South
  • New Molebox shouldnt trip antivirus tools
  • Upgraded entire source base to JDK1.5 and sprinkled it with generics, enums, annotations, and enhanced for loops
  • Greatly simplified resource management: its now single threaded, always
  • Sprite engine is now dynamically sized, saving piles of memory
  • Strings now nulled after resource creation, saving another few megs of memory
  • Ensure the map generator tries to generate at least one road between the base and a spawnpoint

Revenge of the Titans
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