Sir, You Are Being Hunted: - Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell. Das Spielemagazin. Kritisch. Ehrlich. Aktuell.
Science Fiction-Shooter
Entwickler: Big Robot
Publisher: -
Test: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Alpha-Update mit neuer Umgebung

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Shooter) von
Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Shooter) von - Bildquelle: Big Robot
Big Robot spendiert der Alpha-Version von Sir, You Are Being Hunted ein weiteres Update. Das britische Studio hat die Menüs etwas umgebaut, zwei neue Gegnertypen integriert und dem Survival/Stealth-Titel ein weiteres Level-Set spendiert, welches industrieller Natur ist. Ein kurzes Video zeigt ein paar der Neuerungen.

Letztes aktuelles Video: Oktober-Update

Das Changelog:

* NEW – Balloon spotlight can now be shot out. Repairs after X time.

* NEW - Industrial Biome

* NEW – Scarecrow enemy type

* NEW – Bog Creature enemy type

* Inventory/Loot window positions reversed.

* Scanner Range increased

* Loot tables reworked

* NEW – Loot items now have additional tooltip info. Items now colour-coded for quick reference.

* Deployable/Throwable items no longer appended with nonsensical “with x rounds” tooltip.

* Fires should now drop to terrain surface rather than appear buried or hovering...  


* Fixed binding issue with keys and drop down menus.

* The “Use” key can now close the boat menu as well as open it...

* NPC's now investigate 'continuous' sound sources (train, alarm clock, fires, squeaky signs) without freaking out when they get there...  

* Squire should no longer be found flying next to big tree in village centres.  

* Fixed issue with aiming accuracies not applying properly when zoomed.  

* Fixed an issue where bots could spawn in very close to your starting position and insta-murder you.


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