Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Video zeigt TrackIR-Support und neuen Gegner

Sir, You Are Being Hunted
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Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Video zeigt TrackIR-Support und neuen Gegner

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Shooter) von
Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Shooter) von - Bildquelle: Big Robot
Wie Big Robot verlauten lässt, steht das Januar-Update für die Alpha von Sir, You Are Being Hunted an.

Der Survival-Titel wartet jetzt mit einem neuen Gegnertypen auf; der Reiter. Auch hat das kleine britische Studio das Animationssystem überarbeitet und verspricht weichere Übergänge zwischen verschiedenen Animationen.

Derzeit nur auf einem 32-Bit-Windows lauffähig ist eine weitere Neuerung: Sir, You Are Being Hunted bietet neuerdings TrackIR-Support für das Erfassen von Kopfbewegungen. Ein Video zeigt, wie das in der Praxis funktioniert.

Letztes aktuelles Video: TrackIR-Unterstuetzung

Die komplette Change-Liste:


  • NEW -Enemy type: The Rider.
  • NEW – Support for independent head movement with TrackIR. (PLEASE NOTE: 32-bit ONLY)
  • NEW – Group-based volume system. You can now set volumes for various things separately (Turn down robot beep-boops, hush Mr. Walters, your butler etc etc).
  • Controller Enable/Disable toggle. Off by default. Should also prevent false inputs causing incorrect movement.
  • Complete reworking of the animation systems for all bots. Results in smoother transitions between states and smoother, more reliable movements between pathing nodes.
  • NEW – Added ability to clear markers from the map. Mouseover a marker to reveal delete option.
  • Leaning distance increased.
  • Revised release schedule for NPCs. Different types of NPC will now be released based on number of pieces returned OR time spent in world. Whichever comes first...
  • Reduced required number of fragments for escape to 17 (note: this will be configurable in the final game!).
  • Ravens have become acclimatised to Robot footsteps. No more Raven/Robots pooked/investigate-loop love-ins at village centres...
  • Dynamite 100% stickier. Less likely to skid along the ground for ages, easier to hit what you threw it at.
  • Dynamite explosion radius increased.
  • Moved FOV slider to Game Options. Now works realtime (can see changes without having to exit menu).
  • Reduced the chance to bleed.
  • Tweaked some combat variables for Hunters because a bugfix (see reloading issue below) resulted in changed behaviour in combat. Feedback on new combat feel with Hunters welcomed.
  • Various loot distribution tweaks.




  • Fixed an issue where poacher could get stuck in Idle.
  • Fixed an issue where squires could get stuck on the spot.
  • Fixed incorrect angle of shotgun on Hunters.
  • Fixed issue where using the Sex Toggle could break your profession button...
  • Fixed issue where robot blather loops could be turned off permanently (would lead to stealth-bots!)
  • Fixed several cases where bots guarding the doors on some buildings could get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where the dog pinning sequence could flicker wildly.
  • Fixed issue where the mouse could become frozen on the death screen.
  • Fixed issue where using an item while dying could freeze the game and also ruin that save.
  • Fixed an issue where death while menu open could break the fall-to-ground.
  • Fixed an issue with bot barks between glimpse-state and Attack playing at the incorrect times.
  • Fixed an issue where the Axe could get stuck at weird angles when swapping equipment.
  • Fixed a serious issue with bot reloading logic. Robots could sometimes have more (or less) rounds that they should, resulted in either extra shots (surprise!) or no shots at all (in inter-bot combat this could even result in endless posturing without a single shot being fired).


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