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Test: Darkest Dungeon
Test: Darkest Dungeon
Test: Darkest Dungeon
Test: Darkest Dungeon
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Darkest Dungeon
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Darkest Dungeon - Update bringt mehr Optionen, verbessert die Benutzeroberfläche und schraubt an der Balance

Darkest Dungeon (Rollenspiel) von Red Hook
Darkest Dungeon (Rollenspiel) von Red Hook - Bildquelle: Red Hook
Red Hook hat ein kleineres "Überraschungsupdate" für Darkest Dungeon veröffentlicht. Das Update fügt deutlich mehr Optionen für bestimmte Spielmechaniken hinzu, verbessert die Benutzeroberfläche und schraubt an der Balance. Die Option, die "Herzanfälle" zu deaktivieren, haben die Entwickler mit diesem Patch entfernt, da dieses kontroverse System mit dem Inhuman-Bondage-Update komplett umgestaltet wurde. Außerdem würden die "Herzanfälle" zu dem Stress-System dazugehören, heißt es weiter. Darkest Dungeon wird am 19. Januar 2016 die Early-Access-Phase verlassen und als Vollversion erscheinen.

Game Options
  • More game options have been added!
  • Options are sorted into categories
  • Gameplay Options are now controlled by a master "Darkest Dungeon Config" option. In order to toggle individual gameplay options off, you must first change "Darkest Dungeon Config" to OFF. "Darkest Dungeon Mode" is the default configuration as designed.
  • If you previously had Corpses turned OFF, you will need to turn Darkest Dungeon Config OFF and then turn Corpses OFF again.
  • Removed the option to disable Heart Attacks. Heart Attacks were changed substantially in the Inhuman Bondage update (they no longer kill you instantly) and the stress mechanics of the game require you to play with the revised Heart Attacks
  • New Game Option: Disable Combat Delay Penalties
  • New Game Option: Reduce strength of enemy crits
  • New Game Option: Eliminate lasting mortality debuffs from Death's Door and Heart Attacks
  • New Game Option: Make Combat Retreats always succeed (except when blocked by Affliction)

Interface Improvements
  • Town Quicknav Buttons - Upon entering a town building, you can quickjump to another building by clicking the buttons on the left side of the screen. This reduces the clicks necessary to get around town and attend to your heroes.
  • Embark Memory - Upon returning to the Hamlet, the party slots will remain occupied by the previous party. Roster sort by activity should also include sorting by who is in current party.
  • Trap Disarm Tray Icon - Upon approaching a scouted trap, a tray icon will pop for the hero(s) to show their chances of disarming it.
  • TAB to switch between Map and Inventory panels.
  • Right panel will no longer automatically swap to map from inventory when the party starts moving. Manually do it with TAB or (M).
  • CLICK on torch meter at top of screen to quickly use a torch from inventory.
  • Added "actions remaining" to the health/stress bar tooltips to indicate what the tickmark means (hero or monster still has another action this combat round)
  • Added tutorial event for selling trinkets.
  • Misc town UI icon polish
  • Trinket selling confirm now has an "always" button, to reduce popups on repeated trinket selling
  • If embarking on a quest of Veteran or Champion difficulty and you don't have any trinkets equipped, a warning box will pop up to remind you.
  • Curio disease resists will say "Resist!" to give a better idea of what happened
  • Trinket alphabetical secondary sort so that identical trinkets end up beside one another after a class/rarity sort.

Gameplay Adjustments
  • Afflictions: if trying to heal, move or buff an afflicted hero and they resist, this will no longer consume the originating hero's turn. That hero can try to do another action. (e.g. You try to heal your paranoid Crusader with a Vestal. If the Crusader refuses, you still get to use the Vestal to do something else that turn.)
  • Increased ACC of many hero skills, with particular emphasis to make status skills (debuffs, stuns, etc.) more accurate overall. This shifts more burden onto resist rolls for those skills.
  • Highwayman - Tracking Shot now procs the buff even on a miss
  • Sanitarium - increased chance of curing all diseases at once during a disease treatment
  • Monsters - some veteran and champion HP increases to partially account for overall increased hero accuracy
  • Monsters - review of resistances (bleed, blight, stun, move, debuff), mostly resulting in reductions
  • Monsters - some speed tweaks to emphasize roles
  • Monsters - dodge tweaks (some up, some down) to still reflect intent of dodgy monsters, given increased hero accuracy
  • Madman - reduced stress output at apprentice level so he isn't quite so bad of a new party landmine
  • Fungal Bloat - reduced dmg, crit, and marked target dmg (he was a bit too over-damaging, contributing to high Weald death rates)

Miscellaneous Fixes
  • Fix to padlock stress buff not applying on transform stress.
  • Abomination stance fixes.
  • Fix to abomination not reseting to idle when fighting in battle that has no loot.
  • Restricted hero class can swap out eachother in quest select when no other restrictions will take place.
  • Clamp stress when pending affliction to avoid heart attack before affliction is applied.
  • Removed the ability to use items when screen is not idle.
  • Fix to instant skill buffs carying over when transforming because of affliction and selected skill being set.

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