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This document details numerous additions, fixes, and changes to Call of Duty™ United Offensive™ in the 1.51 patch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of the in-game console is not supported by Activision®. Please do not contact Activision® Customer Support with issues that arise from using console commands in-game.

Single player save games from the retail version of Call of Duty™ United Offensive™ will not work after the patch is applied.

It is strongly recommended that you disable any anti-virus software before installing.

After applying the 1.51 patch, uninstalling Call of Duty™ United Offensive™ may leave behind the following files:
* localized_english_pakuo01.pk3 and localized_english_pakuo02.pk3 (as well as the localized counterparts)
* pakuo07.pk3
* readme_patch_1.51.rtf

If the uninstaller does not remove these files, you must manually delete them.

- It is recommended that any user modifications that have been installed to the Call of Duty™ directory be removed before installing this patch. These modifications are not supported by Activision® and may not be compatible with some of the new features that are included.
- Call of Duty™ does not support mods that have spaces in the mod's folder name. Be sure that the folder that contains your mod does not have spaces; otherwise users will not be able to download the files. For example, a mod in a folder called "My Mod" would be invalid, whereas "MyMod" or "My_Mod" would work.


- Adjusted AI behavior in Kharkov2
- Improved objective updates in Kharkov2
- Adjusted the difficulty of crossing the beginning field in Foy
- Improved voice over triggers in Sicily1
- Updated player objectives when facing German PT boats on Sicily2
- Improved AI interaction in Kharkov1


- Added "allow_jeeps" and "allow_tanks" to sv_mapRotation functionality. For example, “sv_mapRotation allow_jeeps 0 allow_tanks 1 map mp_foy allow_jeeps 1 allow_tanks 0 map mp_kursk” would set up the server so that only tanks are present in mp_foy, and only jeeps are present in mp_kursk.
- Added scr_vehicle_limit_jeep scr_vehicle_limit_medium_tank scr_vehicle_limit_heavy_tank to allow servers to limit vehicle quantity
- Decreased CPU utilization on maps that contain vehicles
- Reoriented “flag taken” message in “Capture the Flag” so that it is not covering the reticle
- Added ability to execute map and gametype specific config files. When a map is loaded on the server, a config by the name of _.cfg will be executed automatically, if it exists. If it doesn't exist, then it will be ignored. Eg. mp_foy_dom.cfg will be automatically run when mp_foy is started in Domination mode.
- Can specify a config file to execute within the sv_mapRotation command. For example, “sv_mapRotation exec mycfg1.cfg map mp_foy exec mycfg2.cfg map_kursk”. (Note: doing this will override the _.cfg and prevent that config from being executed.)
- Added cvar setting for jeep/tank availability. These cvars are: scr_allow_jeeps and scr_allow_tanks . For example, “set scr_allow_jeeps 0; set scr_allow_tanks 0” will cause all vehicles to be disabled. The values given to these cvar's are also available as a server browser filter setting. Clients can then search for games without vehicles present using filter settings that are now available on the Join Server screen. These settings are also available in the menu when setting up a server.
- Adjusted default /RATE to 25000 (Cable/DSL). Modem and ISDN users will need to reset their Data Rate settings on the Multiplayer Options menu.
- Added g_vehicleBurnTime cvar for vehicles, to modify the time spent burning before they explode. Time is expressed in seconds and the default value is 10.
- Added scr_vehicle_spawn_limit cvar, to limit the number of times a vehicle can respawn, before it disappears completely.
- Adjusted blast radius on vehicles.
- Restricted turret rotation rate on tanks, so it is independent of body rotation.
- Vehicle collisions with players now obey friendly fire rules.
- Deployed LMG now respects all collision boundaries.
- Cannot plant/disarm bomb in “Search & Destroy” while deployed with LMG.
- Filtered player & server count now shown during server refresh in browser screen.
- Server map rotation continues without clients being connected on Domination, Capture the Flag, and Base Assault.
- Increased MAX_CVARS to 2048, from 1024.
- Default com_hunkmegs is raised by default to a higher setting above 128MB if the user has more RAM.
- Player bound “vsays” now work in all gametypes. To use this feature, bind any key to “vsay X Y”, where X and Y are the corresponding numbers on the Voicechat menu. For example: ind z “vsay 2 7” would bind the Z to “Smoke out.”
- Improved collision on mp_arnhem
- Improved window bullet collision allowing players to shoot through all windows on mp_arnhem
- Improved radio destruction radius in HQ mode on mp_arnhem
- Improved collision on mp_foy
- Improved collision and textures on mp_rhinevalley.
- Added multiple exits from spawn buildings on mp_rhinevalley.
- Improved spawn points on mp_sicily.
- Added ability to disable announcer voices. This option can be found under Multiplayer Options and uses the cg_AnnouncerSounds cvar to toggle the option.
- The flamethrower weapon has become more powerful. It is now quite dangerous. NOTE: Flames can now damage the user of the flamethrower.
- Corrected a display issue when server admins adjusted the scr_bas_basehealth cvar.
- Adjusted compass ranges when switching between maps.
- Optimized portals on mp_cassino, mp_uo_stanjel, mp_italy, mp_kharkov, mp_ponyri, and mp_sicily.
- Placed additional LMG mount points in mp_uo_stanjel.
- Corrected an exploit where players were able to walk around underneath most maps.
- Players who have recently jumped into a tank must wait briefly before exiting the tank again.
- The Team Balance feature will now wait until a player is dead before switching him to the other side during “Capture the Flag” games. This prevents players in possession of the flag from being accidentally swapped to the other team.
- Integrates features from the Call of Duty™ 1.5 Patch. (See below for 1.5 details)
- Improved Vehicle Physics


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