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Kostenloses Add-On TrackMania United Forever für die Vollversion TrackMania United u.a. mit neuen (Solo-)Strecken und verbesserter 3D-Brillen-Unterstützung

As a follow-up to the launch of TrackMania Nations Forever, Nadeo is releasing an update to the retail version of TrackMania United. The free add-on will allow players from both games to share an exceptional online experience in the series' classic "Stadium" environment. Along with cross-version online play, the new add-on also brings additional content and innovative new functions to offer even more player interaction. TrackMania United Forever will offercountless hours of gameplay to the enormous and continually growing TrackMania community.

Last year, the release of TrackMania United helped making TrackMania one of the most exciting and popular online race experiences thanks to its multiplayer modes, seven special vehicle types and corresponding race environments and its powerful content creation tools (track, video and skins editors). TrackMania United also brought unique interactivity between players with in-game creation-sharing systems, a built-in web browser and official solo- and multiplayer ladder rankings.

TrackMania United offers all seven original TrackMania environments, including Desert, Stadium and Rally, while the "Forever" add-on brings a spectacular graphical overhaul for these three environments originally released with the first TrackMania. It's a real facelift for these three historical and extremely popular TrackMania environments. As for content, TrackMania United Forever is very generous, as it includes new solo campaigns, numerous new official tracks and new track and background blocks that add even more variety and possibilities when creating fresh TrackMania tracks.

The TrackMania United Forever add-on also features a new 3D function that enhances the gameplay experience by optionally displaying the game in three dimensions when players wear special 3D glasses. Glasses will be provided in every new retail version of TrackMania United Forever.

In order to offer even more interactivity, TrackMania United Forever lets player create and manage groups of friends in-game, much in the same way they would in Facebook or Myspace. Players will appreciate the new invite management features like the "Challenge Invitation", which enables you to send your best time on a track to a friend, directly by email or Instant Messenger. By simply clicking on a file as small as a few kb, your friend will immediately launch the game and compete next to a ghost representing the performance you've just sent him!


Tamper schrieb am
Sagt mal, verwendet wer die 3D Brille? & ist es geil mit Brille?
lG Alex
JackBauer2402 schrieb am
Zitat:"Kostenloses Add-On TrackMania United Forever..."
->>>Hier geht es zum Download: TrackMania Nations(!?) Forever
ja watn nu ?? :D
Hightake schrieb am
Klasse support, sollte sich Atari mal 'ne scheibe von abschneiden.
Die Drecksäcke saugen einem 15 Euro aus der Tasche,
für ein mickriges Carpack.
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