Cannon Brawl: Debüt-Trailer

Cannon Brawl
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Cannon Brawl: Debüt-Trailer

Cannon Brawl (Taktik & Strategie) von
Cannon Brawl (Taktik & Strategie) von - Bildquelle: Turtle Sandbox
Seit heute ist Cannon Brawl via Steam erhältlich. Aus diesem Anlass veröffentlicht Turtle Sandbox diesen Trailer.

Zum Strategie-Spiel lässt der Entwickler auf deren Homepage folgendes Verlautbaren:

Cannon Brawl is a 2D action strategy game with big explosions and destructible terrain. Command the action from your airship to build cannons, capture mines, expand your territory and more. Choose from a multitude of buildings, cannons and towers to assemble a force that will rain destruction from the sky and defeat your enemy! Advance your military campaign across the map in single player mode, or duke it out in multiplayer mode.

Key Features

  • Completely destructible terrain and many ways to destroy it
  • Full campaign mode with around 20 missions
  • Dynamic battle music from Rich Vreeland
  • 6+ unlockable airships, each with their own unique perk
  • Choose from 12+ different weapons and defenses, from Laser Towers to Cannons
  • 1v1 Local multiplayer
  • Planning on online multiplayer, either at launch or in a free update
  • Keyboard and Gamepad support

Cannon Brawl is being developed for XBox and PC.

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