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Test: Rock Band 4
Test: Rock Band 4

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Rock Band 4: Juni-Update bringt "Missions" und "Seasons"

Rock Band 4 (Geschicklichkeit) von Mad Catz
Rock Band 4 (Geschicklichkeit) von Mad Catz - Bildquelle: Mad Catz
Harmonix Music Systems hat im hauseigenen Blog bekanntgeben, welche Details im frisch veröffentlichten Juni-Update zu Rock Band 4 stecken. Die Ende November veröffentlichte Rivals-Erweiterung z.B. bekommt ein Seasons-Format, in dem man innerhalb einer achtwöchigen Saison mit seiner Crew um die Rangliste kämpfen kann. Acht Herausforderungen sorgen dafür, dass man sich von Bronze bis hin zur besten Platzierung spielen kann:

"That does mean Season 1 will begin with everyone in Bronze, though your placement up until then will determine your rewards, so don’t slack. Demotion is gone in the new Season format, so if you need an off week, that’s cool, you can do that and still reach Bloodstone at the end. However, Rivals Points have been adjusted, and reaching Bloodstone sooner in a Season will reward more points than reaching it in week eight. After eight weeks, you claim your rewards, and everyone drops to Bronze as another Season begins. There will still be three Spotlight Songs for scoring and many other songs for XP, but the overarching framework has been tweaked for a more enjoyable experience."

"Missions" werden die neuen Aufgaben genannt, an denen man sich je nach Art der Mission auf die Schnelle versuchen kann oder bei denen mehreren Durchgänge in einem gewissen Zeitrahmen oder auch die Crew gefragt sind:

"For example: Play 5 Big Rock Endings; Get a score ending in 7; Miss a single note in a song. Some Missions are even Crew-based, where everyone in your crew contributes to meet the goal - like earning 5,000 XP in a Rivals Challenge. Timed Missions, themed Missions, SECRET Missions. Take your favorite badge as a tag next to your name when playing online, then ask your friends how they earned theirs to find a new goal to set yourself."

Des Weiteren wurde u.a. der Level-Cap bis auf 100 erhöht und die Companion-App fürs Smartphone überarbeitet. Wer Näheres zum Activity-Feed oder anderen Neuerungen des Updates erfahren will, sollte im offiziellen Harmonix-Blog nachschauen - hier noch einige Patch-Notes:

"Song Gameplay


  • Fixed issues to prevent seeing ‘Checking Setlist’ during an online session
  • Improved game performance during songs
  • Vocals can now toggle off audio-based Overdrive activation
  • Fixed an issue related to Pro Drums fast cymbal tracking
  • Fixed an issue with perfect solos awarding 99% performance and fewer points
  • Fixed an issue where Vocals would see incorrect post-song stats online
  • Fixed issues with disappearing gems on guitar and bass after pausing
  • Fixed PS4 issues with legacy controllers online
  • Fixed an issue with Pro Drums conversion for Spotlight Songs
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘roll lane’ display on Drums and Pro Drums
  • Fixed an issue with certain Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • Standardized a scoring issue on guitar and bass
  • Standardized the location of drum fills
  • Fixed an issue with instrument icons after a Big Rock Ending
  • Fixed an issue with Vocal scoring
  • Added lanes to some songs
  • Fixed an issue with BRE exploits
  • Adjusted track opacity
  • Improved visibility of beat lines on note track
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Complete a song in Brutal Mode’ trophy/Achievement in Rockudrama
  • Fixed an issue with Play Together
  • Fixed an issue where the strum bar would not adjust Breakneck Speed during a song
  • Fixed an issue where whammy activity was not appearing online
  • Fixed an issue with songs that have No-Part on guitar or bass


Game Audio


  • Added new shell audio (menu songs)
  • Added new SFX to some events
  • Standardized song audio levels. Content from RB1, RB2, LEGO, and initial DLC now -3 db, RB3 and RB3 era DLC now -1.5 db, bringing them in line with Rock Band 4 era releases


General Fixes


  • Fixed an issue related to viewing other Crews
  • Level cap raised to 100
  • Can now Sort by Play Count(with retroactive data for plays)
  • Can now reset filters with one button to display all songs
  • Fixed an issue where Crews with projected Rivals Points exactly equal to their Tier's Safe and Promotion thresholds would be incorrectly demoted or not promoted
  • Fixed an issue where some eligible songs might not appear in the "Rivals Challenge Songs" menu in the Music Store
  • Fixed an issue where the Activity Feed messages on the Rivals Hub would not correctly represent the most recent activity
  • Fixed an issue where Crews were being sorted incorrectly on the Find Crews screen
  • All Badges are now awarded directly to players, existing Crew Badges have been converted
  • Fixed a display issue for the Fame bar in Rockudrama
  • Crews that have not participated for two or more consecutive Rivals Challenges will no longer appear in the Tier Distribution or be included when calculating Rivals Points
  • Adjusted top leaderboard scores to address exploits that are now fixed
  • Removed deleted Crews from leaderboards, prevented future persistence
  • Fixed an issue with the speed of ‘Invite Friends’ in online gameplay
  • Fixed an issue with how ‘Rewind’ tracks appear in the Music Store
  • Fixed an issue when comparing users on the Crew XP screen
  • Reduced the number of Rivals messages that appear on the main menu Activity Feed, including Crew XP and Spotlight score notifications
  • Fixed an issue related to your visual placement on leaderboard screens
  • Improved legibility and spacing of font
  • Fixed an issue with Crew Admin notifications
  • Fixed an issue with text display in several languages
  • Fixed the ‘continue’ prompt on the Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue with the help bar on the ‘Send a Message’ screen
  • Fixed an issue where some places in Rockudrama had visual tearing
  • Fixed an issue where Recommendations in the Music Store could recommend content you already own
  • Fixed an issue where Recommendations in the Music Store could recommend content you cannot purchase
  • Improved suggestions made by the Recommendations section of the Music Store
  • Fixed a visual issue that caused song data to overlap other Store elements
  • Fixed an issue where not all players in a band would unlock Rockudrama assets upon completion
  • Improved some animation blending
  • Adjusted Awesomeness Detection"

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