RollerCoaster Tycoon World: Achtes Early-Access-Update mit Szenario-Sharing und Performance-Verbesserungen

RollerCoaster Tycoon World
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RollerCoaster Tycoon World
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RollerCoaster Tycoon World: Achtes Early-Access-Update mit Szenario-Sharing und Performance-Verbesserungen

RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions
RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions - Bildquelle: Atari, RCTO Productions
Für die Early-Access-Version von RollerCoaster Tycoon World (ab 11,99€ bei kaufen) ist das achte Update veröffentlicht worden (ca. 500 MB). Nach der Patch-Installation können benutzerdefinierte Szenarien auch im Steam-Workshop geteilt werden. Mitten in der Entwicklung (Alpha-Features) befinden sich Performance-Verbesserungen und die "Staff Patrol Areas". Fortan können den Park-Angestellten feste Patrouillen-Routen zugewiesen werden.

  • SCENARIOS: Share your custom scenarios via the Steam Workshop! Today we added the ability for you to share any scenario you make via the Steam workshop! Make a cool new scenario and challenge your friends to beat it!

This list contains features that are in-progress, have had a first pass at improvements, or are at an Alpha stage.
  • PERFROMANCE: IN-PROGRESS Started rollout of optimizations and graphical improvements to in-game foliage. This will be rolled out to all foliage in-game over the course of a few patches.
  • STAFF: ALPHA FEATURE: We have added Staff Patrol Areas to the game! Its still in Alpha but you now have the ability to assign staff to unique patrol areas! See the notes above for details on how to do this and for more about the feature.

  • BUILDINGS: Star on top of Entertainer buildings changed to purple to make it easier to find in heatmaps
  • COASTER EDITOR: Improved the cameras when editing a coaster
  • COASTERS: Adjusted seats of Accelerator Coaster
  • COASTERS: Improved the ride-cam on coasters to give a better sense of motion
  • GRAPHICS: Further improved the visual look of the “Gold Entrance” in the Deluxe Edition
  • PEEPS: Improved peep animations for Standing Coasters
  • PEEPS: Improved peep notifications further for Hunger, Thirst, Bathroom, and Nausea
  • PEEPS: We have made it easier to pick up peeps. Simply right click to pick them up!
  • PERFROMANCE: Further enhancements and optimizations to flatrides
  • STAFF: Further improved Staff Heatmaps
  • UI/UX: Cleaned up the look of the main menu

The Bugs below have all been fixed in this latest update. Note that this is only a selection of all the bug fixes from the full list.
  • CAMPAIGN: The incorrect name ‘Plugin Tab’ is displayed instead of ‘UGC’ under the ‘Social Hub’ tutorial
  • COASTER BUILDER: First track segment can be twisted if user delete all track after placing some specialty piece
  • COASTERS: Closed coaster does not display closed icon
  • CRASH: NullRef when clicking park entrance
  • CRASH: Title remains unresponsive on 'Building your park' when attempting to enter Sandbox mode twice
  • CRASH: Title returns a NullReferenceException when selecting any sub-menu within the Options menu
  • FLATRIDES: Ride cam does not function for the 'Vertical Slice' flat ride
  • FLATRIDES: The 'Bucking Bull' ride appears to be floating or missing some support on the ground level
  • FLATRIDES: The color of the ticket vendor in the preview image of the ride 'Tornado' ride does not match with the in game asset
  • FLATRIDES: There is no lighting FX in the 'Vertical Slice' ride
  • GRAPHICS: Attempting to pick up the same staff employee twice in a row will cause in-game cursor to flicker
  • GRAPHICS: Huge strip of the shadow visible in the Capering Canyon park during the sun rise
  • GRAPHICS: Major flickering issue occurs when the user is on 'Ride Camera' mode on any Hyper Coasters
  • GRAPHICS: Spinning coaster - Sci-Fi Car: UFO is missing a material
  • PATHS: Building snapping creates crooked paths under some circumstances
  • PATHS: Elevated path is curved instead of straight causing peeps to walk in mid air
  • PATHS: Path can not be attached to the food stand 'Sundae the Ice Cream House'
  • PEEPS: Peeps are littering far more frequently than they used to
  • PEEPS: Peeps fails to animate with the ride 'Slingshot Tycoon'
  • SCENARIOS: Custom Scenario menu highlights the "Save Scenario" button before selecting a save
  • SCENARIOS: Scenario 01: Winding Wilds - 'You don't have sufficient funds to buy or open the coaster' message pops up if the user try to open the coaster after stopping
  • UI/UX: "Zoom To" button never appears on employee tab in Park Staff Info Panels
  • UI/UX: Employees' tab remains blank when the user loads any game for the second time
  • UI/UX: Gameplay/speed is resumed when opening the Pause menu whilst the game speed is paused
  • UI/UX: Options: General missing "Ok" button
  • UI/UX: Overlapping text appears at the header of the Content Manager when first opened
  • UI/UX: Pre-made coaster estimate does not match the cost to open it
  • UI/UX: Staff Buildings will have the blue tint from the [Move] tool when enabling and disabling the Theme Concentration heat maps after canceling to move them, previously
  • UI/UX: Users can build a misaligned elevated ride connected to a path/queue by using the 'move' tool
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Irgendwann wird es sich sicherlich gut mit Planet Coaster messen können.
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