RollerCoaster Tycoon World: Zehntes Update verbessert Bremsen, Patrouillen und Performance

RollerCoaster Tycoon World
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RollerCoaster Tycoon World
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RollerCoaster Tycoon World: Zehntes Update verbessert Bremsen, Patrouillen und Performance

RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions
RollerCoaster Tycoon World (Simulation) von Atari, RCTO Productions - Bildquelle: Atari, RCTO Productions
Für die Early-Access-Version von RollerCoaster Tycoon World (ab 11,99€ bei kaufen) ist das zehnte Update veröffentlicht worden. Der Patch verbessert die Bremsen bei den Achterbahnen, überarbeitet das Patrouillensystem bei den Park-Mitarbeitern und optimiert die Performance sowie die Benutzeroberfläche.

We've made a bunch of improvements to coaster braking! Now, after adding Brake Systems to add more trains, you can adjust the number of trains without having to leave the Coaster Builder. Just go into the Train tab to edit! Additionally, we’ve fixed a number of bug for Brake System behaviors. The train now stops intelligently if the following track section is occupied by a train. And as fun little aside - if you placed Brake Systems incorrectly you can now watch two trains run into each other on the track! Not that you would ever do that (...)

We've heard your feedback on patrol areas, and have made a number of tweaks and fixes. In the process of making these improvements, we had to overhaul some of the current system. So while you can still use the patrol areas you've already created, you will no longer be able to edit them. In order to make the changes below, you'll need to delete and re-make them.

  • New patrol areas must now all be contiguous (no gaps or orphaned patrol segments)
  • When editing patrol areas, if you delete a segment that would separate the patrol area, it will now delete all the "orphaned" patrol segments as well. 
  • You can now move patrol segments while editing to adjust the shape of your patrol area without needing to delete and re-make segments. 
  • The mouse cursor now updates with icons indicating how to delete and move patrol segments on mouseover. 
  • Completed patrol areas now display with a stroke outline surrounding them for greater visual clarity. 
  • In-editing patrol areas now display a dotted outline around each segment for greater visual clarity. 
  • Patrol areas will now properly render over paths. 
  • When creating a new patrol area or editing an existing one at a Staff building, all other patrol areas from all other Staff buildings of the same type will now be displayed. 
  • Patrol areas from other staff buildings will be fainter than patrol areas from the current staff building. 
  • The display of patrol areas has seen some performance improvements. 
  • You can now build Patrol Areas of up to 15 segments, up from 8.

The team has been diligently tweaking UI / UX design and usability throughout RCTW. Now, hovering over various rides, coasters, shops and other attractions will bring up an info icon, give you a snapshot of how your different park elements are faring. Additionally, we’ve made a number of UI/UX bug fixes, from menu issues, to ride cams, and more!

We’re continuing to optimize art assets throughout the game, bringing increasingly significant performance bumps. This time around we’ve continued focusing on tree, bush and other foliage optimizations and tweaks, which should result in performance boosts as you build out your parks!

MULTI-TRAIN BLOCK BRAKE SYSTEM ADJUSTMENTS: When you're done adding Brake Systems to add more trains, you can now adjust the number of trains without having to leave the Coaster Builder. Edit through the Train tab.

  • GRAPHICS: Adjusted seats for Invert coaster
  • GRAPHICS: Replaced trees in Static Environment
  • GRAPHICS: Continued tree optimization
  • GRAPHICS: Adjusted billboard rotation for proper light calculations
  • GRAPHICS: Adjusted seats for Flying coaster
  • GRAPHICS: Optimized Loading Stations
  • GRAPHICS: Updated and optimized foliage
  • GRAPHICS: Updated billboard tree graphics
  • GRAPHICS: Additional bush rendering
  • GRAPHICS: Adjusted Turbo forest Atlas generation
  • GRAPHICS: Water color adjusted to provide more realistic feel
  • MULTITRAINS: Create the state machine for the train and the coaster train simulation controller
  • MULTITRAINS: Add multi train functionality with the new structure.
  • STAFF: Prevented players from placing a new patrol point separated from previously placed patrol points
  • STAFF: Patrol Areas display in Heat Maps
  • STAFF: When the user deletes a patrol segment, all later segments are deleted as well
  • STAFF: On mouse-over, all affected patrol segments are displayed in red
  • STAFF: Player is able to move a currently placed segment with left-click, delete with right click
  • STAFF: If the user tries to move a previously placed segment, its movement is restricted as soon as moving it further would break the patrol area into two segments
  • STAFF: Stroke highlight is added on the border of Patrol Areas
  • STAFF: Display all patrols from staff of the same type when placing a new Patrol Area
  • STAFF: Increase the allowed size of Patrol Areas
  • STAFF: When editing a patrol area, all patrol areas of that type are visible.
  • STAFF: Increased patrol placement polish
  • STAFF: Additional color levels added for patrol areas – in-focus, out-of-focus and associated with a selected shop, out-of-focus and not associate with selected shop
  • STAFF: Added edit outline to patrol area points
  • STAFF: Players can pick up and drag park staff even if they’re behind a peep
  • TERRAIN: All terrain beneath a Roller Coaster flattened to whichever level the terrain is beneath the station.
  • UI / UX: Rides, coasters, shops, attractions, employee buildings, or other objects will show info icon on mouse-over


The Bugs below have all been fixed in this latest update. Note that this is only a selection of all the bug fixes from the full list.
  • COASTERS: Hypercoaster Apollo - Peep pathing clips through the gate.
  • COASTERS: Peeps unload prematurely if there are two trains running on the Spinning coaster.
  • COASTERS: Spinning Coaster - Peeps enter and exit the coaster cars of 'Blue Fury' even when the car is in spinning state.
  • COASTERS: Peeps do not enter into the second train of some coasters.
  • COASTERS: The cars of the Spinning coaster does not spin if user sets number of cars to '5'.
  • COASTERS: RCTW - Coaster footprints are not centered on the station.
  • COASTERS: Dive Coaster - Notification regarding the Dive coaster overshooting the hold brake fails to appear.
  • COASTERS: Heat Maps/Coasters - Respective coaster theme concentration color remains on some of the coaster cars even after closing the 'Heat Maps'.
  • COASTERS: Player is able to add an additional train to the 'Accelerator Coaster' even without adding the block breaks to the coaster track.
  • CRASH: Connecting a path next to a Photo Spot causes the game to hard crash.
  • CRASH: Having more than 40+ trains can cause the game to crash while in 'Edit Coaster' mode.
  • GRAPHICS: Ride cam of Ferris Wheel clips through seats.
  • GRAPHICS: Correct textures needed for Golden Entrance
  • MULTITRAINS - Trains will still appear on the coaster rails/frame when switching from 'Brake system' to 'Standard Track' within 'Edit Coaster' menu.
  • MULTITRAINS: While adding more than 12 trains in a custom coaster will cause the performance to drop within the info panel.
  • MULTITRAINS: Adding/Removing trains while the coaster is active will cause all trains to stop and forced to close the coaster.
  • PEEPS: Peep path navigation update time is too long when placing a "No entry sign"
  • PEEPS: Some peeps leave the queue after ride breaks down.
  • PEEPS: Heat Maps/Peeps - Respective coaster theme concentration color remains on the peeps riding the coaster, even after closing the 'Heat Maps'.
  • SCENERY: Asteroid Belt, Gold Mine do not have a white footprint.
  • SCENERY: Scenery should conform to the terrain slope
  • STAFF: Creating a new patrol area will sometimes cause a large white texture to project over all of the terrain.
  • STAFF: Patrol Areas - Patrol Area given names are not saved.
  • STAFF: Heat Maps - Heat Map textures on Staff Buildings refresh back to original state when attempting to place one on top of another.
  • UI / UX: Modifying the first car of Hyper Coaster using 'Generic car: Purple' theme, changes the car to 'Generic car: Caribbean Green' theme.
  • UI / UX: The 3D billboard for failure/crash should be displayed when there's a coaster failure or crash
  • UI / UX: MultiTrains - Adding brake system in between nodes that are too close from each other will be invisible.
  • UI / UX: There is no tooltip when the user mouse hovers 'No. Of Trains' within 'Operations & Maintenance' tab.
  • UI / UX: Steel Coaster premade names in the information window are not updated.
  • UI / UX: RCTW - Peep mouseover HUD will display over the pause menu when pressing [ESC] while mousing over a Peep.
  • UI / UX: Texts 'TRAIN' and 'No. Of Trains' overlap in the 'TRAIN' tab of the Wooden Coaster.
  • UI / UX: Free Camera - Screen space reflections disappear when player enter Free Camera mode.
  • UI / UX: Sandbox - Game starts from 'April' month, if the user enters any map in the Sandbox after checking off 'Unlimited Money' and 'Flatland'.
  • UI / UX: Main Menu - Scrolling is reversed in the Social Hub menu
  • UI / UX: Coaster - Ride cam does not switch to another train running on the same coaster track.
  • UI / UX: Free Camera - The sun rays disappears if user enters the 'Free Camera'.

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lordpa schrieb am
Mal schaun wie sie weiter machen... hätte nicht gedacht dass ich das spiel noch irgendwie in den augen behalten würde.
Jieüüüp schrieb am
Ich hoffe das wird noch was! Wäre wirklich schade, wenn nicht...
adventureFAN schrieb am
Ich gucke immer wieder mal in RCTW rein und ich finde nicht, dass es noch wie Pre-Alpha aussieht und sich so spielt. Gerade in Sachen Optik und Perfomance hat sich einiges getan.
Ich würde RCTW noch nicht abschreiben.
Freue mich aber trotzdem sehr auf Planet Coaster.
Eisenherz schrieb am
Sieht immer noch wie eine Pre-Alpha aus. Hässliches, steriles Interface. Grottige Optik + miese Performance, zappelige Besucher...ect. Alles wie gehabt. Da braucht man eigentlich nur noch einen Patch zu bringen: Den Griff zum Wegschmeißen.
Todesglubsch schrieb am
Buumpa hat geschrieben:In 7 Monaten:
Du meinst in 7 Monaten hätte Atari noch Geld das weiter zu updaten? :lol:
schrieb am