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Monats-Übersicht August 2016
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Spiel des Monats:

Bound, PS4

Weitere Awards gingen an:

F1 2016, PC, PS4, One

(Konsolenversionen: 85%)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, One, PC, PS4

Weitere Tests:

Madden NFL 17, PS4, One, 84%
The King of Fighters 14, PS4, 83%
Armello, XboxOne, PS4, PC, 82%
Obduction, PC, 82%
Road to Ballhalla, PC, 80%
Alone With You, PS4, Vita, 80%
Worms W.M.D, PC, One, PS4, 79%
Assetto Corsa, PS4, One, 76%
Layers of Fear: Inheritance, PC, PS4, One, gut
Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 1, PC, gut
Hitman, PS4, PC, One, befriedigend
Master of Orion
, PC, 71%
A.O.T. Wings of Freedom, PS4, 70%
Brut@l, PS4, 69%
Abzu, PS4, PC, 68%
Dungeon Punks: Tag Team Brawler RPG, PS4, One, 68%
Necropolis, PC, 67%
Monster Hunter Generations, 3DS, 65%
No Man's Sky, PC, PS4, 59%
Dead Island: Retro Revenge, PS4, One, 59%
#killallzombies, One, 48%


Einschätzung "Fit4Hit":

Battlefield 1, PC, PS4, One

Civilization 6, PC

Divinity: Original Sin 2, PC

Final Fantasy 15, PS4, One

For Honor, PS4, One, PC

Planet Coaster, PC

Prey, PC, PS4, One

Shadow Warrior 2, PC, PS4, One

Star Wars Battlefront, PlayStationVR

The Sexy Brutale, PC, PS4, One


Einschätzung "gut":

BallisticNG, PC
Batman: Arkham VR, PlayStationVR
Battle Chasers: Nightwar, PC, PS4, One
Champions of Anteria, PC
CrossCode, PC
Endless Space 2, PC
Gears of War 4, One, PC
Ghost Recon Wildlands, PC, PS4, One
Little Nightmares, PS4, PC, One
Raw Data, HTCVive
Resident Evil 7 biohazard, One, PS4, PC
Rive, PC, PS4
Sea Of Thieves, One, PC
Silence, PC, One, PS4
Star Citizen, PC
Steep, PS4, One, PC
The Unspoken, OculusRift
Wilson's Heart, OculusRift
World of WarCraft: Legion
, PC

Einschätzung "befriedigend":
Elex, PC, PS4, One
Orcs Must Die! Unchained, PC, PS4
Raiders of the Broken Planet, PC, PS4, One
ReCore, One, PC
We Happy Few, PC, One


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