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Science Fiction-Shooter
Entwickler: Descendent Studios
Publisher: Little Orbit
Q4 2018
Q4 2018
Q4 2018
Q4 2018
Q4 2018
Q4 2018

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Descent: Underground - Early-Access-Update: Private Matches, Nachbrenner, Multiplayer-Karte "Rama" und mehr

Descent: Underground (Shooter) von Little Orbit
Descent: Underground (Shooter) von Little Orbit - Bildquelle: Little Orbit
Ein "großes" Update kann für die Early-Access-Version von Descent: Underground kann runtergeladen werden. Neu ist u.a. die Mehrspieler-Karte "Rama", die sowohl offene Areale als auch enge Räume bietet. Abgesehen davon, dass die Spieler fortan eigene Matches erstellen können (Karte, Spielmodi, Freunde einladen), darf man zudem in das Torch-Cockpit (Pyro-Vorgänger) steigen, den Nachbrenner einsetzen oder Annährungsminen im Level platzieren. Descent: Underground soll in der ersten Jahreshälfte 2016 für PC, Mac und Linux an den Start gehen und wird gerade mit Herbst-Sale-Rabatt bei Steam angeboten.

New Stuff and patch notes! (build 1349)
  • Trichording is now working again! Your thrusters now thrust on all three axes like they should.
  • The Afterburner now works, though ships have limited fuel. Powerups will make an appearance later.
    • is the default Afterburner key.
    • is the default Afterburner on gamepad.
    • However, if you have customized your controls, you may need to add it manually.
  • The "Proximity Bomb" gadget is now EXPLODING all around you! They take 2 seconds to arm, so plan ahead!
    • Gadgets are now correctly deploying from the Predator's neðer ye instead of its dorsal carapace.
    • Proximity Mines now have no collision until they are armed.
  • Gadget switching is now a thing- you can use different kinds of deployables.
    • By default, this is set to "T" and "G" on the keyboard or to the "Down" button on the D-Pad
    • If you have customized your controls, you may need to add these bindings manually.
    • Different ships now start with different gadgets.
  • Multiplayer now offers the option to "Create Match" and "Enter a Key" (play with your friends!) in addition to "Quick Match".
    • Matches can be started private and made public, but only before the match starts.
    • Match will start automatically about 30 seconds after the lobby has more than the minimum number of players
  • All Multiplayer matches now have a lobby that shows who is in the match, their team/color, the map, and game mode.
  • The "Torch" drone (a predecessor to the Pyro) is now tronified and ready for action.
  • A new arena map called "Rama" has been added for the enjoyment of your adoring fans!
  • A Career page is now available in the drone bay, so you can see kills, deaths, points, etc. Achievements are coming, but are not being tracked just yet.
  • Players will now spawn with a 3-second invulnerability shield as an anti-spawn camping measure. Firing a weapon removes this protection.
  • Mining the core in Capture The Core will drain your shields because of the excess radiation released.
  • Scoring in Capture The Core has been tweaked a little.
  • Three new per-match achievements have been added for core capture points in Capture The Core.
  • Collision damage broke Wingman's kill streak, so it's been disabled until it knows what it did wrong.
  • Virtual Joystick cursor now points the correct direction when mouse look is inverted
  • Many audio improvements, including new sounds for low-level lasers and the Vulcan Cannon
  • Laser damage has been rebalanced to make sure it still hurts... but not too much
  • An interface has been added to allow players to fly in any map in Test Flight.
  • Anisotropic Filtering settings should now correctly save
  • Small tweaks & bug nukings.
  • Mouse control - we are working on more options and tweaking.
  • In-game communication is broadcasting on our frequencies.
  • Team selection is expected to be a first-round draft pick.
  • SLAY THE BUGS!!! (The only good bug... is a dead bug.)

Letztes aktuelles Video: Early-Access-Trailer

Quelle: Descendent Studios


Jim Panse schrieb am
Ach ich weiß nicht... Wenn man sich auf Youtube die ersten let's plays reinzieht, sieht diese Death-Match-Schei... ultra langweilig aus. Das echte Ausnutzen von 3D hat doch damals nur im Singleplayer Sinn ergeben, wenn man ein komplexes Labyrinth hatte wo man den Ausgang und den Reaktorkern sowie den kürzesten Weg zwischen beiden suchen musste.
Das war zumindest für mich die größte Stärke des Spiels.
Und die prominente Platzierung des ingame-shops lässt auch schon Böses ahnen.
schrieb am