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Xbox-Start in Japan: offizielle Informationen

Am 11. Januar hat Microsoft jetzt endlich die genauen Informationen zum Xbox-Start in Japan veröffentlicht, der wie erwartet am 22. Februar stattfinden wird. Die Xbox geht zu einem Preis von 38,400 Yen (ca. 338 €) mit 12 Launchtiteln an den Start, wobei viele dieser Games nicht beim nordamerikanischen Start zu haben waren und teilweise auch noch nicht für eine westliche Veröffentlichung geplant sind. Mehr zu den Games lest Ihr in Auszügen aus dem Press Release auf der nächsten Seite...

The Japanese launch portfolio is highly anticipated around the world. Most of the great games have global appeal and will be localized accordingly. The powerful launch lineup includes the following:

  • "<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Jet Set Radio Future;id=1929>" (from Sega) is a unique graphical street-skating action-adventure game with the unique visual style of Japanese “manga” comics.

  • "GENMA <4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Onimusha;id=1928>" (from Capcom) is a new interpretation of the war survival action series that garnered worldwide acclaim.

  • "<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Silent Hill 2;id=976>: Saigo no Uta" (from Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo) is the hit adventure game that shook the world with its spine-tingling horror and real-world environment as they can only be presented on Xbox.

  • "DOUBLE-S.T.E.A.L./<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Wreckless - The Yakuza Missions;id=1704>" (from Bunkasha) is a car action game modeled after the thrilling trademark car stunt scenes of Hong Kong cinema.

  • "AIR FORCE DELTA II/<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Airforce Delta Storm;id=1646>" (from Konami) is an incredibly realistic 3-D shooting game that incorporates amazingly intense air battles using real-world fighter planes.

  • "HYPER SPORTS 2002 WINTER" (from Konami) recreates 10 sporting events in a realistic, easy-to-control manner. Gamers will appreciate the beautiful atmosphere of winter, with attention to graphics such as the view from the slopes, snow-capped mountains and skating rinks complete with reflections on the ice.

  • "<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=ESPN Winter X Games - Snowboarding;id=913>" (from Konami) is a realistic snowboarding game modeled after the ESPN Winter X Games and based on comments and participation from world-class snowboarders.

  • "<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Nobunaga`s Ambition;id=2110>: Chronicles of Chaos" (from Koei) is a historical simulation game in which powerful leaders do battle to become the victorious feudal lord who can bring together various warring factions.

  • "Nezmix/<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Have a Mice Day;id=2067>" (from Microsoft) is a comical adventure in which players take on the role of a mouse who must recruit, lead and battle with a team of fellow mice to defend their town against a band of enemy invaders.

  • "Tenku: Freestyle Snowboarding/<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding;id=1344>" (from Microsoft) is a snowboarding game that focuses on freestyle riding, in contrast to traditional race-based games.

  • "<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Project Gotham Racing;id=1346>™: World Street Racer" (from Microsoft) is a game that is the ultimate test of gamers’ driving skills, style and risk-taking, featuring a unique Kudos System, in which players earn rewards not only for getting to the finishing line first, but also for displaying skill, style and daring while driving.

  • "<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Dead or Alive 3;id=1396>" (from Tecmo) is the third title in Tecmo’s popular tournament fighting action game series.

  • After launch, a quick succession of games will be available, with an expected 22 titles in Japanese stores by the end of March [<4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Castle of Shikigami;id=1941>, <4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Gun Valkyrie;id=1450>, <4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Metal Dungeon;id=1404>, <4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=MajiDeath Fight;id=2319>, Bistro Cupid (Dating Simulation und Aufbaugame), <4PCODE cmd=DGFLink;name=Kabuki Warriors;id=1867>, ESPN NBA 2 Night 2002, Armor Army Corps J-Phoenix plus - laut GameWatch, Japan] . On average, Xbox games will be priced between 6,800 yen and 9,800 yen.


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