Supreme Commander: Geplante Balance-Änderungen

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Supreme Commander: Balance-Patch kommt

Im offiziellen Forum von Gas Powered Games haben die Entwickler von Supreme Commander (ab 9,99€ bei kaufen) die geplanten Balance-Veränderungen des nächsten Patches verraten:

* Map props have been altered to provide more balanced start positions
* Assist icon now properly shows when mousing over a Quantum Gateway
* Starting and Mass Extractor locations adjusted for all ranked maps
* Weapons that do splash damage no longer destroy other projectiles

* Scorcher now deals its damage faster
* Tier 3 Spy Planes costs reduced by roughly half and now have limited range Omni
* Transports will no longer chase planes
* Gemini has been retuned after discovery of a bug with its missiles
* Tier 1 bombers now drop their bombs using a physics based model
* Zeus's health increased
* Revenant's damage increased
* Anti-air guns now prioritize bombers, gunships and transports over interceptors and scouts

* Aurora: Acceleration increased slightly and top speed lowered
* Cybran ACU damage reduced Rate of fire increased Overall DPS has gone down
* Mech Marine can now correctly fire from a transport and health increased
* Omni Sensors no longer have sonar
* Flare: Damage increased
* Energy Storage economy reduced Death explosion radius increased
* Cybran TML defenses improved and now have a charge time before launch
* Aeon ACU Advanced Resource Allocation System cost reduced
* T3 land factories cost increased
* UEF ACU nuke now behaves like other nukes

* Tier 1 Tanks
- Striker now moves faster and has been retuned

* Tier 2 Tanks
- Retuned to perform better vs. Tier 1 units
- Now move faster
- Obsidian energy drain decreased

* Tier 2 Artillery:
- Miasma: Damage reduced
- Klinkhammer: More accurate
- Gunther: More accurate, damage increased

* Tier 2 Point Defenses
- Now lead their targets
- Oblivion and Triad no longer deal damage to friendly targets

* Tier 3 Siege Assault Bots
- Ranged reduced
- Vision range reduced
- Acceleration reduced
- Harbinger and Titan cost increased
- Titan turret speed increased
- Loyalist cost decreased and DPS increased

* Strategic Missile Defenses can no longer be built on water
* Salem now moves similar to Aeon and UEF Destroyers Its speed on land has been increased
* UEF and Cybran Naval factories are now more easily hit by torpedoes
* T3 Submarines are now significantly cheaper to build, their TML damage has been reduced and their nuke cost increased
* Amphibious units (Sea floor walking) now have water vision equal to their normal vision This allows them to see submarines
* Carriers (including the CZAR) can now build up through tier 3 air units
* Cybran carrier anti-air guns DPS decreased and accuracy increased
* T3 Sonar Buoy's cost reduced, health changed and sonar range increased
* T1 and T2 Sonar Buoy's health increased
* T3 Aeon Sonar Buoy anti-torpedo rate of fire decreased
* T1 Torpedo launchers now have sonar

* Frigates:
- Completely retuned
- Health increased
- Cost decreased
- DPS increased
- Beacon range decreased and anti-torpedo system retuned

* Submarines:
- Sylph cost increased and DPS decreased
- Sliver DPS decreased, cost decreased and health increased

* Destroyers
- Cost retuned

* Battleships
- Summit and Galaxy cost decreased

* Galactic Colossus and Monkeylord now always respond to attacks from Siege Assault Bots

* Atlantis:
- Health reduced
- Torpedo system retuned

- Health increased
- Beam damage reduced
- Flak damage radius increased
- Crash damage reduced

* Fatboy
- Cost decreased

* Galactic Colossus
- Cost decreased
- Movement improved

* Mavor:
- Accuracy decreased
- Turret speeds increased
- Cost reduced

* Monkeylord
- Turret ranges increased

* Scathis:
- Energy Drain per shot reduced
- Health increased
- Max radius

* Soul Ripper:
- Ground damage doubled and splash damage added
- Air to air damage reduced
- Crash damage and radius increased
- Cost retuned

* Tempest:
- Acceleration increased
- Turn rate increased
- Main cannon radius increased
- Cost decreased

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