Descent: Großes Update bringt Co-Op-Modus, Cockpit und bessere VR-Unterstützung

Publisher: Little Orbit
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
Q1 2019
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Q1 2019
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Descent: Underground - Update bringt Co-Op-Modus, Cockpit und bessere VR-Unterstützung

Descent (Shooter) von Little Orbit
Descent (Shooter) von Little Orbit - Bildquelle: Little Orbit
Für die Early-Access-Version von Descent: Underground ist ein knapp 1,3 GB großes Update veröffentlicht worden, das u.a. den Co-Op-Modus hinzufügt. Fortan können Descent-Spieler auf allen "Vs-Bots-Karten" gemeinsam gegen die computergesteuerten Gegner antreten. Auch das Cockpit kann erstmalig eingeblendet werden. Ansonsten wollen die Entwickler für mehr Vielfalt bei den KI-Feinden gesorgt, die VR-Unterstützung verbessert, die Balance optimiert und zwei neue Schiffe eingebaut haben.

NEW STUFF & Patch Notes (2371)
  • CO-OP VS AI (MULTIPLAYER) - We've added co-op play to all of the Vs Bots maps. You can create a match from the Multiplayer menu by selecting the "Co-op Vs AI" game mode.
  • COCKPIT - You guys have been asking for this since development started, and we're finally ready to show off the first implementation of the cockpit! Whether you're seeking more immersion from your game or need an anchor in VR, you now have your own virtual cockpit from which to do battle. If you prefer just the UI by itself, you can turn on "Hide Cockpit" in the gameplay options menu.
  • AI VARIETY - We're sick of fighting nothing but Incendii (Incendiuses? Incendiores?) day-in and day-out in Vs Bots, and we imagine you are too. This changes now! Different bots spawn in different waves on different maps. In addition, as the waves progress, the bots get tougher, so be prepared. Oh, by the way, you might want to watch your back, because now they will HUNT YOU DOWN.
    • GAZE INPUT - We fixed a major engine bug that was affecting input devices in VR mode. You should have an easier time navigating menus and such in VR.
      • Gaze input has been reenabled as default. If you'd like to disable it, pass in "-gazeinput=false" as a command line parameter
      • Gaze input now works in respawn and pause menus
      • Left mouse click, joystick primary button, and several other controllers work for gaze input press - and others can be configured in the input menu
      • Additional UI elements are compatible with gaze input - and working with Epic on more engine support
    • If you are not using Steam, you may need to pass a command line option, either --vr=oculusvr or --vr=steamvr to activate VR.
    • GOLIATH - A massive, heavily-armored cargo drone!
    • ORE FUSER - The Goliath can compress ore into blocks to create temporary barricades.
    • Fuser blocks now have a texture and can drop ore when mined.
    • The Goliath spawns with a few units of ore in its hold (just for testing). In the future, you will have to mine those. We will be adding mineable resources to the maps soon.
  • WARLOCK - A sneaky, dastardly, thieving infiltrator!
    • DEACTIVATOR - The Warlock can use this tool to steal power-ups from other players! It can also disable Laser Grids and Mines!
      • When the Deactivator steals a power-up it holds on to it, click the tool again for an instant to drop it. You can then pick up what you stole or leave it for your teammates.
    • SECURITY TOOL - The Warlock can use this tool to bypass some security doors. It will be upgradeable via tech trees in the future.
  • MISSILE PICKUP CONSISTENCY - We've heard your feedback on not being able to tell whether you're grabbing a 1- or 4-pack, so 1-packs of Homing and Concussion Missiles have been removed from the game, at least for the time being.
  • SHIP REBALANCE - Many ship stats have been changed:
    • SURVIVABILITY - Ships got a small health buff.
    • SPEED - Some ships' speeds got tweaked now that their specials are working.
    • MINING - The Torch now no longer out-mines the Auger. The Torch actually mines poorly, as Our Ford intended.
  • MISSILE EXPLOSION FIXES - You know that one wall in Valor across from the Mega tunnel that would sometimes eat Smart blobs and Mega explosions? We fixed that.
  • SMART MISSILE blobs are no longer super-geniuses, just fairly clever.
  • HOMING MISSILES are now homier. That's totally a word.
  • SHAMANS GET POINTS - we realized that Shamans weren't getting points for healing. Now they do.
  • SECURITY DOOR - The security door in Skylab has gotten a facelift. Might be a bit more obvious what level of security you need now.
  • GADGET AUTO-SWITCH FIX - Auto-switch blocking capacity for gadgets mysteriously didn't make it into the last release. This has been resolved.
  • Major bug squashes.
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

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