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Modifikation "Jailbreak 0.4" (Client) für Half-Life 2 (Screenshots; offizielle Website)

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a modification for Half-Life 2, it's simple: Two teams, two jails. When you kill a member of the opposite team, they respawn locked up inside your jail. When a member of your team is killed, they respawn inside the enemy jail.

Your objective is to imprison every member of the enemy team. The twist is, you can break out members of your own team, by fighting your way to the enemy jail and opening the doors! The game goes back and forth until one team is entirely locked up, the losers executed (in a variety of customised ways), then the next round begins!

Features of the Mod:
- Automated Turrets
- Quick Radio Menu
- Four maps
- Custom executions & escape routes
- Team based HUD's & Radar
- Points for releasing team members
- Team dependent trip mines
- Weapon dropping
- Jail fights (cvar)
- Team member locations
- All new graphics
- End of game Awards screen


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