PC Building Simulator: Early-Access-Update: Virtuelle Computer virtuell übertakten

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PC Building Simulator - Early-Access-Update: Virtuelle Computer virtuell übertakten

PC Building Simulator (Simulation) von The Irregular Corporation
PC Building Simulator (Simulation) von The Irregular Corporation - Bildquelle: The Irregular Corporation
Mit dem jüngsten Early-Access-Update (v0.8.3.1) für den PC Building Simulator (ab 6,99€ bei kaufen) können virtuelle Computer nun virtuell übertaktet werden. CPU-Taktfrequenz, CPU-Spannung, RAM-Geschwindigkeit, RAM-Spannung, GPU-Taktfrequenz, VRAM-Taktfrequenz etc. können angepasst werden, wodurch sich die Systemleitung des zusammengestellten PCs erhöht - mit etwaigen Nebeneffekten in Sachen Systemstabilität, Abwärme und Hardware-Defekten.

  • Overclocking feature enabled, you can now overclock your CPU, RAM and GPU.
  • Added Bios screens for each manufacturer.
  • Added GPU Tuner application to adjust GPU settings.
  • Added new stress testing app in the form of OCCT.
  • Increased Career level cap to 25 to allow for new story based jobs.
  • Added Dual GPU and Water Cooling based jobs to the random job pool.
  • Added Antec AIO Water coolers: K120 / 240 & Mercury 120 / 240 / 360 RGB.
  • Added NZXT Aer P 120mm/140mm Case Fans.
  • Added non-windowed variant of the SilverStone PS14 case.
  • System Info app now displays temperature details overlayed on 3DMark if open at the same time as 3DMark.
  • Added the ability to power on a PC with ‘P’ when focussed on a screen.
  • The Will it Run app will now take into account SLI performance when checking a PCs specs.
  • Added further detail for RAM throughout the game to help with overclocking.
  • Fixed the bug where pre-installed case fans would vanish when removed.
  • Fixed the missing costs for workshop furniture in all non-English languages.
  • Fixed a hang that was caused by using the compressed air in some jobs.
  • Fixed an issue where cables were detached apart from their connections when vsync was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the rear connections on the EVGA Z370 were out of alignment.
  • Fixed an issue with the case side on the Cooler Master MasterBox 5 MSI Edition that would block installation of parts until it was removed.
  • Fixed various reported cable clipping issues.

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