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Demosceners: Tatu Blomberg (Mr. Sex/Byterapers), Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion/Future Crew), Sami Räihä (T.o.B./Byterapers), Janne Alanenpää (Sardon/Byterapers), Mikko Sivulainen (Sivua/Byterapers)

Overview: Bugbear has established itself in the racing games genre since quite a while. It started with the rally simulation Rally Trophy and had its climax with FlatOut 2. This terrfic arcade race doesn't only look brilliant, but it also features a splendid physics engine. An interesting fact: The creative heads in this finnish company work together since they were teenagers. Known as Byterapers, they released vast amounts of demos. Among them, you can find the classical Hyperventilation. By the way, in the first game from Bugbear, the legendary musician Jonne Valtonen had a guest role: He provided the funky soundtrack.

Games (excerpt): FlatOut 2 (2006), Glimmerati (2005), FlatOut (2004), Tough Trucks (2003), Rally Trophy (2001)

Demos (excerpt): Recycled/Byterapers & Doomsday (Windows, 2001), Hyperventilation (Windows, 1998), Sexadelic (Windows, 1998)

FlatOut 2 (2006)

PC-Demo: Sexadelic (1998)


Demosceners: Ferenc Szabo (Snowman/Astroidea), Norbert Szabo (Genesis/Astroidea), Balsz Vasvari (Reptile/Astroidea)

Overview: It's not a well known fact, but Digital Reality already exists since 1994. At that time, the hungarians released the strategy simulation Reunion for Amiga and PC, under the name Amnesty Design. Since 1997, they have today's name and got powered by prominent scene people. Asterioda pushed the hungarian scene, among others with one of the first 3d accelerated demo Origin. Origin won the demo competition at Antiq'99. Nowadays, Digital Reality stands for great strategy games like Haegemonia, Imperium Galactica 2 or Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps.

Games (excerpt): D-Day (2004), Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps (2004), Haegemonia (2003), Platoon (2002), Imperium Galactica 2 (2000), Imperium Galactica (1997), Reunion (1994)

Demos (excerpt): Origin/Astroidea (Windows, 1999), Mutha 2/Astroidea (MS-DOS, 1998), Angeldust 2/Astroidea (MS-DOS, 1997), Prostate 666/Astroidea (MS-DOS, 1996)

D-Day (2004)

PC-Demo: Origin (1999)


Demosceners: Roman Arsenikhin (Ramzai/T-Rex)

Overview: Sea Dogs and Pirates of the Caribbean: These are the names of the first two gameswhich the russian game developers Akella is known for. It's no one less than Ramzai from T-Rex, who's responsible for the main coding fo these games. Ramzai is known for demos like Broadband and Sinum.

Games (excerpt): Age of Pirates (2005), MetalHeart (2005), Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), Sea Dogs (2000)

Demos (excerpt): Sinum/T-Rex (2001), Electric/T-Rex (2001), 74293945/T-Rex (2000), Broadband/T-Rex (2000)

Pirates of the Caribbean(2003)

This list is just a small overview and names some of the most important commerical games where sceners were involved. It's not necessary complete. There might be further lists and articles on this topic, because there are still plenty of studios left that are employing demo coders. Not only among PC games, but also in other parts of the entertainment business, such as Mobile games.

The english version of this article was originally published in Pain Issue 58 and lousy translated to English by Unlock.



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