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Demosceners: Dierk Ohlerich (Chaos/Sanity & Farbrausch), Thomas Mahlke (Fiver2/Farbrausch), Peter Cukierski (Mr. Pet /Sanity &, Florian Knappe (Sol/Artwork), André Adam (Tiberius/Artwork), Ronny Pries (RP/Farbrausch)

Overview: 49Games evolved from the Amiga demogroups Sanity and Artwork who released their first PC demo Alto Knallo back in 1996 under the label Team FEB. They took the first credit in the games industry with their Sega-Saturn port of Tunnel B1 and the wipeout clone Killer Loop. Later on, they managed to become the German number one for winter games with"Skispringen" for the TV channel RTL. Nowadays, their portfolio has games like "RTL Skispringen 2007", "Ski Alpin Racing 2007" or the official game for the olympic winter games in Torino 2006. Most of the employees in 49Games are still active in the demoscene (and mostly working for Farbrausch). With the freeware game ".kkrieger" they created a technically impressive shooter in only 96kb.

Games (excerpt): RTL Skispringen 2007 (2006), Ski Alpin Racing 2007 (2006), RTL Winter Games 2007 (2006), Torino 2006 (2006), RTL Skispringen 2006 (2005), Killer Loop (1999), Tunnel B1 (1997)

Demos (excerpt): fr-030: candytron/Farbrausch (2003), fr-025: the popular demo/Farbrausch (Windows, 2003), fr-019: poem to a horse/Farbrausch (Windows, 2002), fr-08: the product/Farbrausch (Windows, 2000), Roots 2.0/Sanity (Amiga, 1995), Arte!/Sanity (Amiga, 1994)

Ski Alpin Racing 2007 (2006)

PC-64k Intro: fr-019 (2002)


Demosceners: Peter Hajba (Skaven/Future Crew), Markus Mäki (Henchman/Future Crew), Markus Stein (Stone/Dust), Sami Vanhatalo (Reward/Complex & Scoopex), Samuli Viikinen (Prager/Fascination), Saku Lehtinen (Owl/Aggression)

Overview: With its very compact story, the Bullet-Time and the technical finesse, Max Payne pushed 3d shooters to a new level. You can see from the first glimpse that there's a lotof demo-specific knowledge in both Max Payne games. The guys from Future Crew were among the first to do stunning things in the PC demoscene and managed to get great things out of the pre-Pentium processors. That's what you can see in their games too. In the beginning of 2007, the new action adventure Alan Wake will mark a new climax. Remedy is the parent company of FutureMark (producer of benchmarking software like 3DMark 2006). There are many demosceners at FutureMark, too.

Games (excerpt): Alan Wake (Anfang 2007), Max Payne 2 (2003), Max Payne (2001), Death Rally (1996)

Demos (excerpt): Final Reality/Remedy (Windows, 1997), Second Reality/Future Crew (MS-DOS, 1993), Unreal/Future Crew (MS-DOS, 1992), Mental Hangover/Scoopex (Amiga, 1990)

Alan Wake (2007)

PC-Demo: Final Reality (1997)


Demosceners: Konrad Zagorowicz (Yoghurt/Sunflower), Adam Skorupa (Scorpik/Sunflower)

Overview: Yoghurt is the only licensed demoscener at Techland - but he's among the most known demo coders from Poland. Zilog and Tesla are milestones which are the base for his publicity. He's also responsible for the great 3d engine which works under the hood of Techland games (as seen in the western shooter Call of Juarez, lately). Scorpik works as a freelancer and is not an employee of Techland.However, his music can be found in Call of Juarez as well as in other games like Gorky 17, Painkiller or Gorky Zero.

Games (excerpt): Call of Juarez (2006), Xpand Rally (2004), Chrome (2003)

Demos (excerpt): Tesla/Sunflower (Windows, 2000), Zilog/Sunflower (Windows, 1999)

Call of Juarez (2006)

PC-Demo: Zilog (1999)


Demosceners: Alex Evans (Statix/Tpolm), Rune Vendler (Echo/Fudge), Kaspar Daugaard (Slyde/Blasphemy)

Overview: Peter Molyneux managed to fished a few design kings out of the demoscene pool. With Moral Hard Candy and Alien Sex Clone, the danes Rune Vendler and Kaspar Daugaard showed what they're capable of and since then, they were involved with Black and White as well as with Fable. Alex Evans is one of the most known scene coders from the UK. Over the years, he created many brilliant demos like Square and 303. With his long time companion Vic, he even created a demo which was released under the Lionhead-label: Bleam! In the meantime, Alex went waway from Lionhead and is now a co-founder of Media Molecule.

Games (excerpt): The Movies (2005), Black and White 2 (2005), Fable (2004), Black and White (2001)

Demos (excerpt): Moral Hard Candy/Blasphemy (Windows, 1999), Kkowboy/Blasphemy (Windows, 1998), Bleam/Lionhead (Windows, 1998), Alien Sex Clone/Fudge (Windows, 1998), Clone meets Clone/Fudge (Windows, 1998), Square/Pulse (Windows, 1997), 303/Acme (Windows, 1997)

Fable (2004)

PC-Demo: Square (1997)

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